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Unique Lighter Protector Design Featuring Miniatures to Enhance Summer Camping

Art has been used to achieve different effects. Christian Kenton is the author of Accidental discharge and Intersectional Feminism which are magazines aimed at advocating for the rights of women. For instance, men are allowed to walk topless, but it becomes an issue when a woman walks topless. People start throwing words on how her nipples look and in some cases he can be prosecuted. According to the website, the women nipples are created for the purposes of breastfeeding, not the way many people perceive them.

Back to the art created by Christina Kenton

She is a feminist who makes art to speak out her mind. In a recent art which attracted the attention of headlines of many magazines around the world, she created lighter protectors which can protect your fire starts against the effects of extreme colds. The lighter case she designs and sells are aimed at protecting your lighters so that you can start fire even if you go for camping in extreme conditions.

Camping adventure and the light protectors

Just like camping accessories such as camping tents, fire pits, portable grills, smokers among others are necessary in your camping and outdoor cooking, you need to have something you can use to start fire. Your summer camping will be great if you can easily start the fire. The lighter protector has special designs to allow you protect the lighters at the same time communicating a feminism message.

Some of the designs she incorporates in her artistic lighters include bed with pillows, sky among other features. You will find the designs great if you can place them besides your mirrors if you are not in a camping adventure.

The artistic designs of the lighters also incorporate animal designs, inspiration room painters and the things she sees in her everyday life. To create the arts, she starts by sewing each case by hand. She does not use complicated sewing machines. The artist also applies paper techniques to make the sculptures achieve a dimensional life. She will then paint and apply miniatures to make hybrids. The miniature can be of different items.

Christian Kenton interview

From her interview on the Huffingtonpost, she started the art of fixing the miniature to her sculptures after about one year after she started creating the arts. Most of her creations have been featured in Accidental Discharge Magazine. She uses miniatures such as porcelain false teeth, duct tape and shrimp cocktails. Therapeutic effects of art making are achieved while she creates the feminine inspired arts.

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