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Top 5 Drone Toys – Review of Remote Control Drone Toys

Remote control RC drone toys are toys you can buy for your kid. If you love flying drones and your child is very curious to know, you can buy for him a toy drone so that he can as well enjoy the fun of flying the objects. The toys come in different designs. It is upon you to compare the different designs available and decide on the best for your child.

 What are Remote Control Drone Toys?

The drone toys are devices which mimic the shape of drones but they are not real drones. They can perform many functions which real drones can perform, but their capability is low. For example, you can flow them for few hours and they cannot carry large cameras to allow you enjoy taking aerial photographs.

How do people use Remote Control Drone Toys?

You can use a drone for different reasons. For example, you can mount a camera and take photographs. If you love flying objects, you can fly them for fun. If you have children in your home, you can buy for them the drones and start flying with them. They will enjoy the experience a lot.

 Top Remote Control Drone Toys Reviews

1. Altair Aerial AA108

Altair Aerial AA108 drone toys

Altair Aerial AA108 drone toys

It is among the top drone toys you can buy. Altair is rated at fair prices. If you will like to access help from the customer support upon buying, it is very easy for you to reach the experts. The toy comes with several features which makes it a great choice for many. With the USA based company which makes Altair Aerial AA108 is known to make quality products.

Pros of buying Altair Aerial AA108

Headless Mode Altitude Hold

3 Skill Modes Great for Kids

Easy fly indoor drone

Premium 720p camera drone

Real-time video 120 degree wide-angle

720p HD camera

Easy to fly Stable flight & durable construction

 Long range & flight time – 100 meters / up to 10 minutes

 720p (first person view)

 2. Holy stone hs170  drone toys

Holy stone hs170 drone toys

Holy stone hs170 drone toys

With Holy Stone HS170 you enjoy a great drone toy. The 6 axis gyro allows you to achieve great control of the drone as you fly it. If you are looking for a drone which you can use in your drone training sessions, then you should opt for the device. The headless security system allows you to fly the drone irrespective of your age and experience.


2.4GHz Technology for Anti-Interference

Stable and Flexible 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization System


Control Range: About 30-50 Meters Flying Time: About 6-8 minutes

 Charging Time: About 45-60 minutes

3. Syma X5C drone toy

Syma X5C

Syma X5C

The drone comes with several features which make it a great choice for you to buy for your kids. Beginners find it easy to fly the drone due to several features which are fitted to make your operation easy. The 360 degrees flips allow you to execute unique moves while on the controls. Some of the features you can enjoy on the drone include the following:

 720P HD camera drone

4GB Micro SD card and reader

Do easy flips with a single click

Stays super stable due to 6-axis gyro

Headless Mode enhances video drone flight

 Easy controls

4. Force 1 Discovery U818A

Force 1 Discovery U818A

Force 1 Discovery U818A

After you decide to buy Force 1 Discovery U818A, you will enjoy several features. It is a toy drone you can buy and start flying even without experience. With a headless mode one key return easy operation, you can enjoy great success with the drone. Material selection of the drone makes it a top notch. It can last for several years before you can think of a replacement.

Benefits of buying Force 1 Discovery U818A drone toy

High-quality drone great for beginners

Real-time Wi-Fi transmission

720p camera

One-key return for easy control

Real-time Wi-Fi transmission with 720p camera

Twin-speed modes Headless mode

5. UFO 3000 Led Drone

UFO 3000 Led Drone

UFO 3000 Led Drone

The UFO 3000 LED Drone Quadcopter is equipped with several features which make it a great drone for you to have in your home. It is brightly colored so that you can easily fly it even at night. You don’t have to worry about losing it; the bright colors will allow you keep track of the drone as it flies. Other great features you will enjoy upon buying the drone include the following:

 3D stunts 360º flips with just the push of a button

Ultra-fast RC Drone Toys for beginners and children

Low/high speed mode Long flight time

Best Toy Drones Analysis

There are many drone toys available in the market. But, not all of them can assure you great results. It is necessary to check on features such as the ease at which you can fly the drones before you proceed to order. If you are buying for your kids, it is necessary to go for a system which is durable enough to allow your children play with it. A compact drone will make it easy for you when it comes to storing it.

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RC Toy Drones FAQ you need to know

What are the best Remote Control Drone Toys in the market?

There are several, we have handpicked the best five drones for you in the market.

Is it easy to fly RC Drone Toys?

Yes, the drones are made in such a way you can easily control them. You can even decide to buy them as gift for your loved ones and the kids will enjoy flying them.

 Are RC Drone Toys expensive?

They are not very expensive; you can compare different sellers online so that you can decide on the best.

Do RC Drone Toys have long ranges?

There are others which have long ranges. But, generally toy drones will tend to have short flying time and ranges when compared to other drones such as those used in professional photography. It is necessary to read toy drones reviews so that you can locate the best.

We have reviewed top toy drones for you to find it easy when trying to buy the best drone toy from the market. They are available at different prices; you should always compare them so that you can decide on the best.