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Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Review

Soccer cleats play great roles when playing soccer. To enjoy playing soccer, you need a cleat which offers the best support. The football shoes come in different designs; hence you need to take time and locate the best soccer cleats for wide feet. You should not worry about where to start, I have researched to list for you the right shoes you can wear to take your love for soccer to another level. The basics you need to check out before buying a soccer cleat are the comfort and the support. You should be stable to perform different soccer tricks. With the right soccer cleat, you will avoid injuries hence enjoy the game more. You need shoes made out of quality materials so that they can resist wear and tear. Moisture-wicking shoes will make you comfortable as you sweat when playing.

Tips when buying Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Research about the soccer cleats brands before buying

There are several soccer cleats in the market. They come with different features. You need to research on the different brands so that you can know one which works well. Talk with friends with wide feet, and they have tried different shoes. You can start by asking them about the type of shoes they prefer. From reading online reviews, it will save you time and locate the right soccer cleats to enjoy the game. There are some shoes which famous footballers recommend. They tend to attract high price tags, but they will serve you very well. If you have enough money to invest in the best soccer cleats for wide feet, then you can go for such type of shoes, and you will never regret it.

The material used to make the soccer shoes

All the shoes sold online come with clear descriptions of the type of materials used to make them. A combination of leather and rubber sole makes a shoe stand out. Always check on the qualities of the materials used to make the shoes before you proceed to purchase. The best soccer cleats for wide feet should be made out of quality materials which will guarantee you the best performance when on the field playing.

Check on the price of the Soccer Cleats

The shoes tend to attract different price tags. There is a given amount you are okay to spend in buying shoes. It is necessary to stick to your budget when purchasing the shoes so that you can avoid financial constraints. In most cases, quality shoes are priced a bit high. If you would not compromise on quality, then you should spare enough money to spend in buying the shoes.

Size of the soccer shoes

When buying the shoes online, you may not have the opportunity to try them before buying. You will have to rely on the shoe size before you can buy. To avoid incidences where you can order a shoe size which will not serve you, you need to try the shoes in your local store or even get one from a friend and know whether it fits well before you order. Insist on ordering the right shoe size, and you will avoid the stress of having to return the shoes after paying for them.

Check on other player’s reviews before buying the Soccer Cleats

Other people have ever purchased the shoes; you need to go over the discussions which they offer before you proceed to order a given type of shoe. From the opinions of other users, it will be easy to know whether you are buying the right shoes.

Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Reviews

There are several brands of wide soccer cleats on the market. You need to choose the best so that you can realize value for money. You should not worry about where to get started because I have researched on the top 10 best wide soccer cleats and review them here.

1. Adidas Gloro 16.1 Soccer Cleats  review

Adidas Gloro 16.1 Soccer Cleats

Adidas Gloro 16.1 Soccer Cleats

The Adidas company and been in business for long in making quality soccer cleat. Addidas Gloro 16.1 is designed to make it stand out. With the classically styled collection, you will find it easy to enjoy the game. Use of K- leather upper makes it ideal for players with wide feet. Stitching is limited to make them durable for the high pressure exerted by the wide feet. Features such as high shock absorption, stability, on ground firmness and comfort make them stand out. It is also priced relatively despite its high quality.

2. The Nike Premier Soccer Cleats

The Nike Premier

The Nike Premier

Nike is among the top manufacturers of soccer boots. The shoe has been developed to assure players the best feel. Comfort and durability are highly emphasized in the design. The leather upper cover offers the necessary flex allowing you to enjoy playing on different pitches. Lightweight TPU outsole and the insole provide a smooth transition while playing. The Nike premier shoe works well for wide feet due to its material selection, which easily moulds into the wide feet.

3. Puma Evopower 1.3 soccer cleats

Puma Evopower 1.3

Puma Evopower 1.3

The boots allow you to choose from two upper covers. You can decide to buy one made out of leather or synthetic materials. It does not matter the type of materials you want, the shoe has a central lacing system which makes it ideal for wide feet. You enjoy a full and comfortable fit each time you wear the shoes. Its improved outsole offers the best performance in barefoot kicking. Your foot can easily bend without limitations. The unique design allows the shoes to be used in all weather conditions.

4. Nike Magista Obra soccer cleats review

Nike Magista Obra

Nike Magista Obra

It is among the best wide soccer cleats which are made by Nike. Use of FlyKnit upper makes the shoes achieve excellent elasticity. The sock-liner stretch design allows you to enjoy exceptional comfort as you wear the shoes. Its ability to mould perfectly onto the foot makes it ideal for players with wide feet.

5. Asics DS Light Wide Fit

Asics DS Light Wide Fit Soccer Shoes

Asics DS Light Wide Fit Soccer Shoes

It is a shoe designed specifically to work on football players with wide feet. You enjoy great control of the ball while wearing the cleat. Use of kangaroo leather offers the best feel when kicking the ball. Up to 12 studs sole plate makes it perform very well. You will enjoy improved traction on different pitches. Use of quality materials makes it ideal in handling different field conditions.

6. Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol

Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol soccer Cleats

Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol soccer Cleats

The PrimeKnit upper Addidas cleat offers the best control on the ball. The use of wrap around technology makes it ideal for players with wide feet. The ultra-thin film keeps debris and moisture out. It is a shoe designed to work well when playing on the dirt ground. A high stability makes Puma very easy to control the ball.

7. Puma King

Puma King soccer shoes

Puma King soccer shoes

The soccer shoe comes in a leather front upper while the back is synthetic, making it ideal for playing in different conditions. Lightweight design allows for secure handling of the ball. With the waterproof design, you can enjoy playing even on wet pitches. The lacing system provides enough room for your feet as you play.

8. Mizuno Morelia

Mizuno Morelia soccer shoes Review

Mizuno Morelia soccer shoes Review

The shoe comes with upper leather, which is very thin. Use of K-leather upper provides more control on the ball. Flexible sole plate adapts easily to the way you play. You enjoy wearing a shoe which is comfortable on your foot as well as offering great control of the ball.

9. Puma Powercat 1.12 Soccer Cleats review

Puma Powercat 1.12

Puma Powercat 1.12

It is among the best wide cleats you can buy to enjoy playing football on different pitches. The bulb-shaped forefoot provides ample space so that you can always have full control of the ball. You are sure of great control in the field after buying the shoes.

10. Adidas Ace 16.2 Primemesh

Adidas Ace 16.2 Primemesh

Adidas Ace 16.2 Primemesh

There are several features which made it among the best wide cleats. The use of the latest technology makes you enjoy great control of the ball. You have the freedom to control the ball as well as your foot when in the pitch. The rubber sole offers the best comfort and performance when running for the ball.

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How to stretch shoes for wide feet

There are times when you can end up buying wide feet shoes, and you discover they are too tight, there are several ways you can stretch the tight soccer cleats. Here are a few steps you can take:

Use shoe stretchers

There are several shoe stretchers in the market. They are made out of wood. You will have the insert them into your shoes and leave them there for some time. They will stretch the leather or any materials in the shoes leading them to spread.

Apply a hairdryer

You will have to wear the shoes and blow hot air to sections where the boots are feeling tight. It will stretch the materials due to the pressure of your feet on the shoes and the hot air which expands the particles.

Alcohol spray

Mix 50% alcohol and 50% water then spray into the shoes. Wear them for about 20 minutes, and they will expand.

Wear Thick Socks

You can wear thick shoes and wear tight shoes. It will feel uncomfortable, but they will stretch then you start wearing thin socks.

Use Water bags

It is a simple method. Fill water bags with water then insert them into the shoes. Put the shoes in a fridge and allow ice to form in the water bags. Your shoes will stretch.