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The Best Way for Hurricane Victims to Evacuate In Style Using HelpJet Services

There is chaos when trying to evacuate during hurricane. The state department will offer a compulsory evacuation order. You need to look for ways to evacuate. In most cases, people use cars which end up causing traffic jam. You will even get stressed because the traffic can even delay you till the hurricane catches up with you. Some people even decide to stay boot only to be rescued from their rooftops by rescue helicopters. It is a different case now after the introduction of HelpJet. is an evacuation jet service which you can book and it will evacuate you very fast.

How HelpJet was formed

The company was started by Brain Rems who was trying to escape from the hurricane Wilma but he was unable due to unavailability of the services. He tried to book commercial planes but they were not available due to the fact that they were fully booked. He tried driving his car with family members but they were unable hence they decided to return home and brave the hurricane.

How works

The company works in such way you will pay a subscription fee. The subscription fees are charged annually. When a hurricane is announced, the company dispatches planes which evacuate people from their risky homes to areas which are safe. The plans run until the day the hurricane hits hence there are high chances you will get rescue. The company also arranges for accommodation and other services which members will need during the evacuation season. The planes can be flown to safe areas such as Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte.

Cost of services offered by

According to, evacuation services from areas prone to the deadly storms such as Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa and other four Florida cities will cost from $1,850 to $1,950 per person for the round-trip. Small pets are also included in the rescue arrangement.

What Is A Hurricane?

A hurricane is a strong storm with violent wind. It forms in the Caribbean and the Atlantic ocean over the eastern Pacific oceans where the tropical cyclones form. The warm ocean waters are the main causes of the formation of the cyclones. If you live in areas near the warm waters of the equator, then you are at risk of the hurricanes.

In the United States, there are specific areas especially around the Florida state where the hurricanes are common. Luckily, nowadays the weather forecasts offer early warning where you can prepare and evacuate early. The main causes of death during the hurricanes are the inland flooding. If you can develop a survival plan, then you should have ways on how to tackle the problem related to the inland flooding.

What Are You Supposed To Do During A Hurricane?

There are three main things you need to do. First, you should always ensure your safety is guaranteed. Always choose a method which can assure you safety.

Evacuate to safer states

In most cases, the state will offer warnings and even proceed to offer mandatory evacuation orders you can evacuate and avoid the disaster so that you can come back later when the waters have subsided. When evacuating, you can board evacuating planes and head to states which are safer. There are several service providers such as the HelpJet who can offer you the evacuation services. You can as well drive your car to safer locations. It is hectic because you can encounter a lot of traffic because many people are also trying to evacuate.

Stay boot and brave the hurricane

There are some people who decide to stay in their homes and wait for the hurricane to pass. In most cases, they take safety measure such as cutting all tall trees near their buildings so that they avoid cases where the trees can fall on the houses. You need to ensure your home is storm proof. You can as well install a bunker in your home where you can retreat with family members and wait for the storm to subsidize. Ensure the bunker is waterproof if you decide to do so. Also, ensure you have enough essentials to survive the entire period. Remember hurricanes can last for several days. Have enough stock of food and fresh water in your bunker can see you through.

Move to safety shelters near you

Different states have taken the initiative to build safety shelters run by the government where you can move and meet with other families where you can wait for the storm to pass. It is more like an evacuation but you will not move a long distance. Likely in your state the safety shelters are on high grounds where water can hardly reach. It is a cheaper option and the government tends to help you in your survival situation.

Hurricane safety tips you need to apply

Forecasts are improving over time. You will get an accurate forecast on when the hurricane will strike. The best way to avoid the hurricanes is to avoid building along the coast where they occur. Many people prefer the costs due to the great life they enjoy. Remember living near a beach will make you enjoy different opportunities. If it is a must you should build at the coast, you need to take safety measures to avoid the risks associated with the hurricanes. Here are some of the safety tips you can employ to avoid the effects of hurricanes while at the coast:

Preseason hurricane preparation

Know all evacuation routes

You will use different routes to evacuate. For example, you should know the nearest route to the nearest airport. You should as well know the best highway which will least likely flood when trying to escape by road.

Build a home which meets all construction codes

There are different things you need to include when buying your home. The choice of faucets, bathroom accessories and other areas of your home should be built to meet the construction codes. The state department offers clear guidelines on what you should do to build a storm-proof home in such areas. Ensure you follow them and your home will likely survive the hurricane

Have necessary supplies

You will need first aid kits, enough stock of food which you will store in fridges. Ensure you also have an alternative plan in case the energy supply is cut. In most cases, you will not have electricity in case of a hurricane experience.



Have a lot of batteries and flashlights

There are different flashlights available in the market. You can decide to go for tactical flashlights or any other. Always ensure you have enough batteries because they will provide the much-needed energy to power the flashlights.

Have a large stock of nonperishable foods

Your family will not survive without food; ensure you have enough stock of nonperishable foods so that you can survive the hurricane.

What to do when the warning has been issued of an oncoming hurricane

Avoid low lying areas

If you stay in a low lying area, then you are at risk of flooding. Ensure you move to high grounds where in most cases safety shelters are located.

Protect your windows

To avoid the windows shuttering, apply plywood boards to protect them.

Secure objects outside

If you have objects which can be carried away by strong winds or water, try to secure them.

Stock enough fuel and water

You will need fuel to run your backup generator and water for home use. Ensure you have enough water in your bunker. Ensure the stock can serve all your family members.

What to do before the storm starts

Pay attention to local weather

You can access news about the local weather on your radio, internet and even television. If the report requires you to evacuate immediately, then do so immediately.

Ensure your supplies are readily available for use

If you have first aid kits and food supplies, you should ensure they are always available for use at any given time.

What you should do during the storm

After the storm has arrived, you need to stay in a safe place. Some of the things you can do to survive the storm include the following:

Stay in the secure room

If you have a bunker or a secure room where you intend to brave the storm, ensure you always stay in the room to avoid injury.

Avoid places near windows

Windows can shatter and injure you during the storm, always stay away from them to stay safe.

Always have supplies near you

You may lose the supplies during the hurricane; ensure they are near you at all times

What you should do after the storm has passed

Ensure the storm has passed before you can go out

The storm can pause and resume at any time. To ensure it has completely passed so that you can go out, you need to check out local news from where you can know whether it is safe to do so.

Use stored water and food for a while before you go out searching for food

The supplies you store should be in use till you confirm the storm is over. It is necessary to ensure you have enough supply to last you the entire period.

Hurricane survival essential kit

There are several items you need to have so that you can survive the hurricane. Here is a list of items you need to survive the hurricane:

First aid kit

There are several first aid kits available in stores near you. You can as well go online and buy the first aid kits. It is a different case buying a first aid kit and knowing how to use it. In your preparation for the hurricane, you need to teach your family members on how to use the first aid kit in case of an emergency. You should as well place the first aid kit in places where they can easily access it.

Battery powered or a hand crank radio

You need to listen to local news so that you can know whether the hurricane is over or not. A hand crank radio will equip your family members with necessary information on what to do next in their survival situation.

Flashlight and enough batteries

There will be no electricity during a hurricane which will make it hard for you to operate at night. To stay safe, you need to invest in batteries and a durable flashlight.

Whistles to signal for help

You will need help from other people. In order to make it easy for you to signal for help, you need to have whistles nearby which you can use to signal for help.

Local Maps

It will be hard for you to navigate during the hurricane if you decide to evacuate. Equip yourself with a local map and things will be easy. If you can access Google map, then it will be easy for you to evacuate the hurricane.

Check insurance coverage

You need insurance to stay safe during the hurricane. If you have insured your car, you should contact your insurance company so that it can move the car to the nearest safe location. Hurricane floods destroys many cars. The homeowner should always ensure their homes against floods. There are different insurance providers; others may not provide cover against floods in some areas. It is necessary to check with your insurance provider so that you can know whether they will offer the necessary help in case of an emergency.

Make copies of important documents and store them safely

There are copies you need for your daily life. For example, you need copies of your academic certificates. You should ensure you have a backup plan where you can store the copies safely so that they can be still available after the hurricane. There are several ways you can do so; you can even install a flood proof safe in your home where you can store the copies safely.

Back up your electronics

Nowadays people use electronics for daily life. You need to back up your laptops and computers so that you can access the crucial data in case the flood waters affect your home. There are several backup solutions available. You can even decide to go for cloud backup solutions where your important files will remain safe even if your local computers fail.

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