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Security Services on High Demands, Government Officials Hire Experts to Carry Out Bug/Malware Sweep in Their Offices

There was a recent case where Scott Pruitt who was the head of administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency was in a scandal which involved hiring a man to carry out bug sweep. The process involves scanning the office of any devices which may have been installed with an intention of capturing sensitive data. According to, the right procedures were not followed by Scott Pruitt did not follow the right procedures in hiring the man for the security sweep. Pruitt who was hired is a principal at Sequoia Security Group. According to Steinmetz and Associates, Scott Pruitt has spent a lot in securing his office. After he was questioned at Capitol Hill, Pruitt admitted he carried out the necessary security measures to avoid incidences where communications with his seniors can end up in wrong hands.

 What are other security measures did Pruitt take

Apart from helping the expert to carry out the bug sweep at the office which later exposed him to a lot of criticism from democrats and other critics, he was also accused of hiring a firm to install a secure, soundproof communications booth in his office. It is an act he supports because he believes the communications and should be secure. Steinmetz and associates was hired for the security sweep which leads to a lot of criticism till Pruitt resigned. Politics a side, why was it necessary for him to hire the security experts. In today’s world, security threats are on the increase. There are some cases where sensitive data has been stolen from organizations. In order to combat the issues, he decided to hire the security experts.

What devices are used to carry out security sweeps?

Oscor blue application

The device is applied to detect any eavesdropping devices in a building. It is a portable device which has been designed to analyze illegal and disruptive transmissions. In most cases, major government buildings are targeted by people who are after stealing information. The application of the device makes it easy to detect illicit eavesdropping signals. There are several features incorporated in the system which makes it possible to analyze different signals after which the experts can implement the right safety features.

Benefits of applying Oscor blue


The device is very effective. It can detect 24 GHz transmission very fast. Different devices used in the eavesdropping activities fail under the wavelength. The application of the tool makes it possible to detect different devices which may be used in the malware attack.


The Oscor blue device is very effective. It captures the signal activity accurately. Oscor does not cause any disruptions such as switching of external antennas. It is built to make it very easy when it comes to analyzing and detecting signals.


The device is highly portable. It can be moved from one location to the other with great ease.

Applications of Oscor blue in bug sweep

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

If you would like to carry out technical surveillance countermeasures, the device can play a great role. It has inbuilt features which make the whole process very easy.

Counter Surveillance

There are cases where you feel like you have been a target of surveillance. The device can help in launching a counter surveillance campaign. Buildings which houses sensitive data can apply the device to stay ahead of the game.

Radio Frequency (RF) Detection

Some surveillance experts will use radio frequency signals to carry out eavesdropping. The measure can be countered through application of the Oscor blue device.

Radio Frequency (RF) Analysis

After the radio frequency has been captured in the security sweep, it should be analyzed to determine the main purpose of the attack launch. The device can be applied to analyze different signals in the radio frequency range.

Spectrum Analysis

After a given spectrum has been detected, the devices offers different features you can apply to analyze it.

Signal Analysis

Different signals can be analyzed using the device. Many security experts apply the tool to analyze the signals which they detect from where they can know whether the signals being trapped can cause harm.

Intelligence Protection

After intelligence data has been collected, it should be protected to avoid cases where the data can be missed.

Executive Protection

There are some details about the executive which should be safeguarded. The sweeps cared out by Oscor blue makes it possible to protect different sensitive data.

Eavesdropping Detection

If your office has been spied on, you can detect the presence of devices which have been installed to collect the data through application of the tool. It will offer you necessary data about the different devices which may be applied in the security breach.

Surveillance Equipment Detection

Each time surveillance equipment is brought near your office, you can detect it through application of the device. It is among the best devices which you can apply to detect any data breach before it occurs.

Electronic Surveillance Detection

If you have different electronic devices which may be of interest to hackers, then you need to have the necessary safety measures in place. The use of the device makes it possible to stay a head of the game in your data protection.

Steps on How to Prevent Electronic Eavesdropping and surveillance

1.Access Control

You need to protect your important documents such as bank card pins and the password to your computers so that you can avoid the effects of those who are out there to steal your personal information for different reasons. You need to store the electronic access control logs well so that you can avoid cases where people who access the areas can expose you to different forms of security issues. There are different forms of access control out there you can buy to enhance the security of your buildings.

  1. CCTV

When people are spying on you, they will not like to be seen. If you can install a CCTV camera, then it will act as a deterrent to some of them. With the most advanced systems, you can easily assess footage at different times from where you can sense unusual activities near your buildings from where you can take necessary measures to avoid possible infiltration.

3. Consider Locations

When discussion about company secrets, you need to do so from a company which is safe. The office of the CEO and the human resource can be swept for any bugs after which you can discuss the important issues. Remember if you reveal sensitive information to all workers, there are high chances some of them will disclose it to other people which can lead to information leakage.

  1. Securing the Area using an alarm

You can install alarm systems which employ passive infrared sensors. The sensors can detect movement in the important data room outside the office hours and alert those responsible in securing the place. With such systems, it becomes easy to secure important room in your organization where sensitive office data is stored.

  1. Awareness Training

You need to teach your employees on the impotence of keeping the company secret. If you assume, they will easily leak it because they do not know its importance. Try to run an awareness campaign where each member of your staff should know how to identify sensitive messages and the necessary steps which should be taken to safeguard the sensitive messages.

  1. TSCM Plan

It is a plan where you organize to carry out regular security sweeps. The security sweeps should be carried out by the best company. You need to shortlist several companies and compare them till you decide don the best which can guarantee you the best services. It is necessary to work with a reliable company which will not expose you to security issues.

  1. Secure your devices

Your phone will tell a lot about yourself. You need to secure the phone and ensure it is out of bounds to unauthorized people. Use secure passwords which will protect you against people who can lead to leaked personal information. Most smart phones come with strong security features; you need to employ the security features so that you can stay secure.

  1. Turn off fingerprint phone unlock

If you are arrested by the federal law enforcers, you can be forced to unlock the phone using fingerprints. It is not the violation of your privacy according to the recent court determination.

  1. Assess each app you install

Most apps will access your person information. You need to be careful of each app you install. There are others which can be created by fraudsters to steal your personal information in the process. You need to check on the number of downloads and the reviews offered about a given app before you proceed to install it.

  1. Set a strong passcode

It is common sense, if you do not set a strong password, the hackers will take advantage and steal it from you from where they can end up stealing your personal data.

  1. Update apps and software

Most apps will require you to update. If you fail to update an app on your computer, it will be vulnerable to attacks. Most hackers can take advantage and access your personal information through hacking.

  1. Reduce online footprint

You can use a tool such as DeleteMe to get rid of your names and addresses online. The address can be used by data brokers to sell your personal information to people who can end up misusing it.

  1. Secure your messaging

Your phone conversation and messages can be wiretapped. You need to take necessary measures and ensure the emails you send which contain sensitive data are encrypted. Ensure sensitive messages and emails are not sent if you suspect of a surveillance on you. You can meet in secure places and talk about the issue.

  1. Use signal for encrypted messaging

Signal is an app which is developed to encrypt your messages as you communicate over the phone. The app is available for both android and iOS and it has been proved to be very effective in secure conversations.

  1. Secure your browsing

Normal browsers will track your location among other data for ad targeting purposes. The logs you make are also stored online which leaves the leeway for hackers to track your online movements from where they can steal your data. You can use a secure brewer such as Tor to protect your online activities.

  1. Use a VPN

You can use VPN to encrypt data. It works in such away it will pass your traffic through an encrypted server so that other people will not be able to know what you are browsing. There are different VPN providers out there, they offer different levels of protection hence you need to compare them before you choose the best for your specific uses.

  1. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi can pose a high threat to your personal data security. You should avoid using them to view person information. For instance, you should avoid using the networks to access your online banking platforms.

Oscor Blue Security

Oscor Blue Security

Use your phone’s data

If you will like to use internet connection on our laptop, you can turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and it will assure you great safety as you browse the internet.

  1. Be careful of stingray ‘downgrade’ attacks

Stingrays involve cases where police can downgrade your from LTE or 3G to 2G where they can easily intercept your messages. You should be careful when in high risk areas such as in demonstrations.

  1. Secure servers and clouds

If you use clouds and servers, then you should ensure you secure them. You can use your mobile devices to access the clouds and servers, ensure you secure them so that your person data cannot be leaked in the process.

  1. Use strong, unique passwords

You should avoid using the same password on all your accounts. Each password should be strong and unique so that in case one is stolen, you will still remain with strong passwords in other accounts.

  1. Set up two factor authentication

With two factor authentication, you add an extra layer of protection to your passwords. Ensure you apply the two layer authentication on all your important sites where crucial data is stored.

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