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Robotic Lawn Mowers vs. tow behind vs. solar powered

Robotic lawn mowers are the best lawn mowers if you will like to achieve effortless mowing. They will automatically mow your lawn while you are watching from a distance. There are several brands of robotic lawn mowers available. We have picked top rated robotic lawn mowers for you to find it easy while buying.




Robotic lawn mowers

Pros of robotic lawn mowers

  • You can set a schedule for the mower to start automatically
  • No emission produced
  • Senses obstacles and avoid them hence prevents damage

Cons of robotic lawn mowers

  • Need a perimeter wire to mark mow boundaries
  • Cut quality is less than other types of lawn mowers
  • Expensive

Maintenance of robotic mowers

Requires regular cleaning underneath and blade sharpening

Robotic mowers are best for

If you have a flat and obstacle free lawn, it is a top choice. Robotic mower requires supervision from a distance.

Top Robotic Mowers in the market

We took time to sample the best robotic mowers in the market for you to check out.

1. Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers

The robotic lawn mower will be charged at a station. After charging it will go to mower your marked boundaries. After charge is over, it will return automatically to base station. Robowmow has great safety features. Each time it is lifted from the ground the blade stops. When an obstacle is sensed, it will reverse direction. The child lock allows you to prevent unauthorized operation.


Rain Sensor (allows you to decide whether it can mow in high humidity or rain)

Slopes (can mow in a slope of up to 36 degrees)

Multiple zones (you can mark several lawn zones and it will mow each of them individually)

2. WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, 28-volt WG794

The lawn mower comes when it is fully programmed. You will just remove it from the box and start operation. WORK has a user manual for you to easily get started. It returns to base for recharging or in case of bad weather.

Benefits of buying the robotic mower

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can navigate narrow passages
  • Can mow up to an incline of 20 degrees
  • Shock sensor allows it to mow around obstacles

Tow-Behind Lawn Mowers

tow behind gang reel

tow behind gang reel

Tow behind mowers are available in different styles. The different styles of tow behind lawn mowers are designed to meet different needs. What is a tow behind lawn mower? This is a lawn mower which does not have its own propulsion but depends on other automotive. It can be towed by an ATV, a Riding mower or a UTV.

Varieties of tow behind lawn mowers

1. Rough cut tow behind mowers

Rough cut are suitable for cutting weeds and thick brush. They are mostly applied in mowing golf courses with tough grass.

2. Finish cut tow behind mowers

Finish cut can be offset behind your garden tractor to increase your cutting width. They save time hence used to mow large lawns.

3. Tow-behind reel mowers

If you have a very large golf course, a large lawn like the ones found in learning institutions and athletic fields. They are easy to maintain because they operate mechanically.

Tips when buying tow behind lawn mowers

  1. Ensure you know your towing vehicle capability. This is necessary to avoid buying one heavier than your towing machine.
  2. Take into consideration the type of grass.
  3. For large lawns, buy a tow behind mower with fast speed operation
  4. Check on the availability of spare parts in your area of residence

Tow-Behind Lawn Mowers to buy

Gang Reel Mowers

The gang reel mowers are mostly used in golf courses to cut grass. They can be towed behind tractors or ATV running for up to 4 mph. Gang reel are very wide having up to 7 reels. Reel mowers stretch up to 11 feet for you to mow fast. They can mow up to 5 acres per hour. You will not worry even if your golf course spans for several acres. The mowers are suitable for weeds, high grass and brush. Their operation is similar to scissors.

Our top picks of gang reel tow behind lawn mowers

1. Pro Mow 7 Gang Reel Mowing System – 11ft. 4in. Cutting Width, Model# G0701

They are designed to save you time when mowing large golf courses and lawns. Each reel runs on 6 allow wheels. The mower has strong tubular steel frame.


6 inch steel reels

Cutting Height (in.): 1/2-3

5 Acres Cut Per Hour

Blade Heads (qty.): 5

Reverse Capable

Cutting Width (in.): 136

Zero Turn Capable

Head Size (in.): 21


12 HP Required to Pull

Wheel Size (in.): 10 x 2 1/2

2. Promow Sport5 Pull behind 5-Gang Reel Mower

This is another top gang reel lawn mower we recommend. If you have a form of towing, it will work very well for you. You can mow up to 4 acres per hour. This makes mowing less time consuming. It has promow lift kit for you to raise it and tow. No need of a trailer.


Can be used to mow large fields

Dos not need a trailer to transport

Easy to store (can be towed without a trailer when not in use)

Finish Cut Mowers

Finish cut mowers are also referred to as trail mowers. Cut mowers are designed to mow large grassy fields. They feature a large mow engine fitted on a large mowing deck. Finish cut are narrow when compared to gang reel mowers. If your backyard and has a lot of trees shedding leaves, the mower will split them into finer mulch clips. They feature cutting width of up to 5½ feet.

Why you need to buy finish cut mowers

It can mow up to 32 acres per day. This will save you time when it comes to taking care of grass.

The best finish cut mowers for you to buy

Swisher FC1966BS 19 HP 66-Inch Finish Cut Trail Mower

finish cut tow behind lawn mower

finish cut tow behind lawn mower

Swisher mower is made in the USA. The manufacturing company has more than 60 years of experience. Swisher can be towed by tractors and ATVs. It is designed to save you mowing time. Swisher cuts grass as it discharges to avoid choking. It has features which allow easy control.


66″ true floating deck with side discharge

19 HP Briggs & Stratton electric start engine

Variable cutting height (adjustment of 1.5″-5.5”)

Battery covers with access panel

Handy 12-volt key starter

Mower maneuver easily

2.5 gallon fuel tank

Rough Cut Mowers

The mowers are very suitable for cutting grass and weeds in overgrown property. It uses steel cutting bars. The cutting bars can be two or just one. They swing back and forth to cut vegetation. Rough cut mowers have powerful engine to cut through tough vegetation. The rough cut mowers are not effective in cutting grass lawns.

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Some of the best rough cut mowers you can buy

Swisher RC17552BS-CA 17.5 hp 12V Rough Cut California Compliant Trail Mower, Black, 52″

finish cut lawn mower

finish cut lawn mower

It can be easily attached to ATV or tractor. The mower cuts brush up to 3 inches. It is an ultimate time saver machine. It has two heavy swinging blades with puncture resistant tires. This ensures limited downtime. It has 2.5 gallon fuel tank capacity.

Features on the lawn mower

Remote operator control console

17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 12V engine

Cut most stems up to 3″ in diameter

Easy navigation due to ball coupler

Cutting height adjustments 4″ – 7″

Benefits of buying your own lawn mowers

  1. Saves time: Your own mower can be used to mow grass regularly hence avoid pilling up of work.
  2. Saves money: When compared to hiring, having your own machine will save money. The lawn mowers are durable. You will use it for a long period of time before you can replace or repair.
  3. Gives you freedom to choose a model. You can go for gas powered or electric
  4. Warranty avoids you stress
  5. Encourages you to work out if you will buy a manual type

Benefits of buying a gas lawn mower

  • Cuts tough grass with ease
  • No cord hence highly mobile
  • Mows large areas without down time to charge
  • More durable
  • No electrocution risk

Disadvantages of buying gas lawn mowers

  • Heavier than electric mowers
  • Noisier
  • Require regular engine maintenance
  • Difficult pull start cords
  • Carbon emission to atmosphere

Benefits of buying electric lawn mowers

  • Quiet operation
  • No carbon emission
  • Lighter
  • Cheap
  • Economical for small lawns

Cordless vs. Corded Electric Lawnmowers

Cordless electric mowers

They are powered by a rechargeable battery.

Benefits of cordless electric mowers

  • Unlimited mowing distance
  • Cost more

Disadvantages of cordless electric mowers

  • Require battery recharging hence downtimes
  • Limited run time
  • Battery require replacement after some time

Benefits of corded electric mower

  • Unlimited run time
  • Cost less
  • Less maintenance

Cons of corded electric mower

  • Limited mowing distance
  • Risk of electrocution

Solar Powered Cordless Mowers

They are powered by solar power. Sun rays recharges the battery fitted on them so that they can access power to cut grass.

Benefits of Solar Powered Cordless Mowers


Saves you money (no electricity or gas bills)

Disadvantage of Solar Powered Cordless Mowers

Takes a lot of time to recharge. Up to 5 during cloudy days.

Lawn mower maintenance tips

The secret to long life of your lawn mower is proper maintenance. Here are tips you can apply.

  1. Read the owner’s manual

The manual will offer you specific details on how to take care of your mower. If the instructions are not clear. Just contact the manufacturers.

  1. Drain the gasoline at the end of each mowing season

Old gasoline in your mower can make it fail to start. Remember the mower will sit idle all winter. This can cause gasoline cooling to an extent it will cause trouble in your machine.

  1. Check the oil

Old oil should be drained and replaced. Use a drain plug. If there is no one, just tilt it until the old oil drains completely.

  1. Clean out the undercarriage

Grass can clog the discharge chute. Use a wire brush to scrap all grass clippings. Ensure to disconnect plug before you start working under the carriage. A hose can be used to spray all debris.

  1. Inspect the air filter

Inspect the filters and replace them if they are clogged. Most filters available are affordable.

  1. Change the spark plug

For effective operation, replace a spark plug each year. This will ensure easy start.

  1. Sharpen the blade

Sharp blades will cut cleaner. A mower shop can sharpen the blades at affordable rates.

  1. Get a professional tune-up

A professional will carry out tune ups which will ensure your mower is working perfectly. Diagnose tests will make you discover hidden defects.

Lawn mower buying tips

  1. Power source

The lawn mowers can be powered by gas or electricity. If you will like to eliminate emissions in your backyard, then you can opt for an electric model. The electric models come in corded as well as cordless. Gas powered will tend to have a lot of emissions.

  1. Speed of operation

When comparing gas powered versus electric, you will discover gas powered are fast.

  1. Size of the lawn

A large lawn will require gas powered because they are fast hence saves time.

  1. Noise pollution

A gas powered will produce more noise than electric models.

  1. Check on the availability of spare parts

A mower with readily available spare parts will not stress you after it breaks down.

Frequently asked questions about lawn mowers

Where can I buy lawn mower?

You can buy online. Compare the price and features before you buy.

Which is the best lawn mower to buy?

It depends on your needs. For large laws we recommend gas powered. Townhouses can opt for electric models.

What is the best brand of lawn mower?

There are several bands available. Check our review of different brands above.