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Pool Table Buying Guide and Common Terminologies

A pool table is a great addition to your room. You can as well buy a pool table and have it in a commercial facility where you can have guests enjoy playing. There are several pool tables designs available in the market. You should follow the right buying guide so that you can buy the best table. Some of the factors you can take into consideration include the quality of materials used to make the pool table, cost and the quality of workmanship employed in making the table. There are several terminologies you should understand before you buy a pool table. Here are some of the common terminologies used when dealing with a pool table:

Terminologies used in pool tables

Ball return/chutes

They refer to enlarged opening where the ball travels. The ball returns are available in six points on your table.

Billiard Congress of America (BCA)

It is the governing body of billiards and pool tables in the United States.

Blind Rail/Blind Apron

It is attached to the top rail of the table to offer cover and a finished look.


It is the large wood cabinet which lies between the playing surface and the legs.

Center Bracing

They are support beams which run down the center of the frame cabinet.

Pool table Cloth

It is a blend of wood and nylon fabric which are used to cover the cushions and rails of the playing surface. The cloth is available in different colors for you to choose according to your specific needs.

Cross Bracing

They are support beams which run across the interior and width of the frame cabinet.

Cushion, Cushion Rubber

It is a pliable rubber cushion bumper which is attached to the top rail. When playing the cushion makes contact with the pool while playing.


It is a hard rubber attached to the top rail usually at the pocket cut. The rubber lining attaches to the top rail. Frame Liner & Slate Support Pad It rests on the top of table cabinet so that it can help in fusing the frame as well as supporting the playing surface.


They consists bolts, nuts and screws used to piece together the table.

Knock Down Cabinet

It is a frame cabinet with a design which can allow assembling and disassembling.

Leg Gusset/ Leg Mount

It is an interior frame system which supports the table leg.

Playing Surface

It is the flat area between the cushions and the top rails where the game is played.


It is attached to the top rails. It is where the object balls go when playing the game.


They are markers inlayed at the top rail also referred to as diamonds. Top Rail Cushions and pockets get attached to the top rails. The rails are fastened onto the playing surface.

Pool table buying guide and factors to consider

Type of frame

You can find a pool table in solid wood construction or MDF. The two materials can work well on a table provided they are fitted well. You should ensure the table you are about to buy has a cross beam to distribute the weight of the table evenly.

Type of slate

Slates come in different sizes. The best table should have three-piece slates. You should as well check on the sizes of the pool table slates.

Type of pockets

You can have pockets made out of rubber, plastic or even leather. If you are buying a table for home use, the leather is the best option when it comes to pockets. Also check on the design of the pockets. The best pool table should have attractive pockets so that they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Always ensure you go for solid wood rails. They are among the most durable in the market. If you are tight on budget, you may realize the solid wood is a bit expensive. You can as well go for other materials but ensure you take good care of your pool table for it to last long and assure you value for money.

Costs for shipping

Before you decide to buy a table from a given store, always check to ensure the shipping cost is included in the market price. It is necessary to take into consideration the shipping services to avoid cases where you will end up spending beyond your budget can accommodate. A pool table is a bulky item, for you to ship it; you will have to pay a price. For you to access the best pool table and start using it, always check on the cost you will incur while shipping the table so that you can plan on how you can access the table in your home.

Size of table

Pool tables come in sizes such as 7ft, 8ft, and ft. You should take into consideration the available space where you would like to have the pool table before you proceed to order your table. If you have a large space in your home where you can install the table, then you are free to buy a big table and start enjoying exciting games. But, you should always ensure the space is enough before you proceed to buy. Check on the entrances into your home before you order. It is necessary to ensure the table can fit the doors if you are buying one which has been already assembled.

Price for installation

Before you purchase a pool table, you should bear in mind the installation cost. For the best performance, a pool table should always be professionally installed. For you to save money, you should consider buying a table from a store where you can be offered free installation services. Others will leave you to pay for the installation cost, in such a case, it is necessary for you to take into consideration the installation cost before you order a given pool table.

What is your budget?

Upon reading pool table reviews, you will discover the pool tables come in different prices. Take into consideration your budget before you decide to buy a given pool table. You can compare prices in different sellers so that you can locate a store with the best deals. The pool tables come in different prices, for you to find the right pool table which your budget can accommodate, it is necessary to compare the different pool tables available and decide on one which your budget can accommodate. If you will not like to spend a lot, you can as well access a pool table but it will come with fewer features when compared to a pool table which attracts a premium price but has several features and the design quality is up to standards.

Choose the right type of slate for your pool table

Pool tables come with different slates. Remember the slate is the main playing area of your table. Three piece slates is the most popular in the market. If you are not too careful on a budget, you should consider high slates pool tables which are priced at high prices. Review different slate sizes available in the market so that you can decide on the best for your specific needs.

Color of the pool table

Composite pool tables come in different colors. There is a specific color you will prefer to have in your home. For you to appreciate the look of the pool table in your home, always take your time and check on the colors. The different colors can be applied on different parts to make your pool table stand out. Always ensure you check on the colors and choose one which can work well in your home. Apart from colors, you should as well check on the designs of the pool tables. Composite pool tables come in different designs. Always go for a design which can make you happy while playing in your home.

Does the table come with other pool accessories?

There are some sellers who will include other pool table accessories if you buy in a bundle. You need accessories such as rail brushes, table brushes, training balls, cue chalk, cue repair kits, talcum, chalk holders, tally ball shakers, table covers, tally balls, wall racks, and pool cue cases among others. It is necessary to consider a buyer who can avail the other accessories so that you can make the right decision in your pool table buying process.

Choose the right pool table frame

From pool table consumer reports, you will discover customers airing complaints about different pool tables. It is necessary to check on the table frames available and their advantages before you make an order. A durable table frame will serve you for long hence making you realize value for your money. It will be wrong for you to buy a pool table which will fail after a short while. Take your time and decide on a pool table which is made to last.

Types of Rails

There are different types of rails available on the pool tables. You should compare pool tables based on the rails on them so that you can make an informed decision in your buying process. Some of the rails available in the market which ought your consideration include the following:

Oversized (Professional Series)

The rail design provides a larger area for the shooter to rest while taking a shot. The oversized rails also add beauty to the table as you make your shots. The oversized table design allows you room where you can rest arms as you make aims on the pool table. It is the right size for you to consider if you have enough space in your home.

Metal to Metal Fastener

The metal to metal fastener allows you to have the tightest bond on your pool table. The strong bond makes the table stay quiet even after prolonged use. The construction also allows you to assemble and disassemble the pool table several times without compromising on its quality. If you are planning to move the table from one location to the other, then going for a metal to metal fastener frame construction will work well for you. You can easily disassemble it and move around without interfering with its joints.

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Mother of Pearl Sights

The pearls are available on the oyster shells. The mother of pearls is decorations added to the table rails to add beauty. If you are looking for a pool table which adds beauty to your home, then you should consider going for one which has beautiful additions such as the mother of pearls. The pearls are available on different designs. The way the manufacturers will place the pearls on the table will affect the look of the table. Always take your time to compare the different designs available and decide on the best.

Solid Hardwood with Reversed Growth Ring (RGR)

It is a strong table rail which provides strength to the table. If you are out to buy a table which can last long in your home, then you should consider buying the one which comes with a strong rail construction. It is a highly durable rail construction which tends to add more weight to the table. Deep Dado It provides more wood to wood contact hence helps in locking the blind to the rail. It adds great strength to different parts of the table which can wear out fast. The design helps in getting rid of vulnerable parts on the pool table which can expose you to unnecessary wear and tear.

Durability of the pool table

Before you decide to buy a given pool table, it is necessary to compare pool tables and decide on one which is highly durable. Remember a durable construction will serve you for long which will make you realize value for money. Always read reviews about different tables provided online before you make an order. There are different factors to consider in your pool table buying process. You should go through our guide and you will have the necessary knowledge to buy the right pool table. There are some manufacturers who are known to make quality pool tables. You should order for such manufacturers so that you can have the right pool table for you to enjoy your favorite pool table game.

Which pool table do we recommend?

We recommend Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table by Bellagio. The pool table comes with features such as the following:

Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table by Bellagio review

Harvil pool table by Bellagio

Harvil pool table by Bellagio

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  • Professional installation
  • Built for superior play
  • Fine attention to details
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