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MJX Bugs 3 Drone/ Quadcopter Review

MJX bugs 3 drone is a quadcopter which assures you long flying time and distance. From over 300 meters long, you can still input commands for the drone to do its maneuvers. There are several factors you should take into consideration before buying a drone. For instance, you should check on the construction quality. You will never regret after you resort to the drone. Material selection ensures MJX bugs 3 drone delivers more than the manufacturer promises. The GoPro SJ camera can be mounted on the drone to make it the best choice if you are looking for a drone which can serve you in taking aerial photos. Aerial photography in areas such as survey has been made very easy thanks to the introduction of MJX bugs 3 powerful drone. Other great features which make the drone worth your investment include the following:

MJX Bugs 3 Drone Amazing power

You may have and bad experience in the past when flying less powerful drones. There are cases where people even have reported their drones being taken away by wind never to be retrieved again. You should not give up even if your investment was blown away by the strong winds. The MJX bugs 3 drone is a powerful drone with is equipped with four powerful motors. The use of MT1806 1800KV brushless motors makes it ten times more powerful. Even if you go out to carry out your photography work during windy days, you should not be stressed because the powerful motors can keep your drone flying.

Long flying time MJX Bugs 3 Drone

The use of brushless motors ensures lower spin friction and elimination of heat. You don’t have to wait between each flying session so that the drone can cool. You enjoy taking aerial photos as long as your time can allow. It is manufactured to solve the many challenges with its predecessors posed to users. The frictionless flying technology of the motors prolongs the flying time for up to 50% more when compared to other drones. If you decide to fly the drone without mounting a camera, it can fly for up to 18 minutes in a single charge. If you decide to fix a camera, you have up to 10 minutes of flying in a single charge. To make your flying experience even fun, the system comes with an extra battery so that you can exchange and enjoy more flying time.

Smart transmitter alarm

With MJX bugs 3 drone, you don’t have to worry about your drone getting lost. The transmitter will alert you so that you can recall it before things get worse. For example, if it flies too far, you will be alerted so that you can take necessary actions and recall it. When the battery is low, the transmitter and alarm will alert you so that you can plan a return flight to your location. The measures have been put in place as a way of ensuring your drone serves you well without any fear of it getting lost.

MJX Bugs 3 Drone 300M long distance control

If you are undertaking aerial photography work, then MJX bugs 3 drone is a drone to buy. You have up to 300 meters range for you to operate your drone. Even when flying over the woods, you don’t have to fear it getting lost. You can just fly it high up the canopy. When the alarm alerts you of low power, you will just locate the safest clear route and you can command the drone to return to base station. Use of the latest technology ensures you have the best drone which can serve you under rough terrain. The two way 2.4GHz remote control will never let you down upon buying the remote controlled drone.

More durable propellers

If you are looking to buy a durable drone, you should check on the durability of propellers. Remember powerful propellers will mean your drone can fly for long. There were earlier versions of propellers which were problematic. They used to break after the first flight. But, that is not the case with MJX bugs 3 propellers. The manufacturers took time to come up with the most durable propellers in the market. Materials used to make the propellers are of high toughness and hardness. For you to clear doubts, the drone comes with two extra propellers so that if you make mistakes and crash it, you can still replace the propellers and continue with the fun of flying your first drone.

The drone is made to serve people of all stages. Beginners as well as professional photographers will find the drone very helpful. The materials have been double tested to ensure they can survive in the hardest crashes. Provided you are careful when handling the drone, you will realize value for your money out of the drone.

MJX Bugs 3 Drone assures good photography platform

If your main reasons for buying a drone are to carry out photography work, then you should look for a system which is compatible with different cameras. You are not restricted on the type of camera you can use in the drone. The camera mount allows you to attach top performing cameras such as GoPro 3 and above. If you prefer other models of action cameras such as SJCAM, you are free to do so. The drone allows you to mount any camera and let it fly. But, you should take note. The drone will allow you to control it over the transmitter, but the camera will just roll till the drone returns to base station so that you can switch it off. Depending on your camera quality, you can always take quality shots using the drone.

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Wind Resistance Drones

If you live in a place with a lot of wind, then you should look for a system which can help you overcome the problem of wind. The four powerful motors in the drone construction make it possible for you to overcome all odds as you fly your drone.

There are several features which make the drone stand out. But, power output makes it the best. If you are searching for a drone which is powerful enough to overcome problems of wind and getting lost, then you need to invest in a powerful drone such as MJX bugs 3 drone.