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Lawn Tractors Buying Guide

Lawn Tractors are mostly front engine riding machines. You will ride while you mow your lawn. They are very effective for large lawns. You will take the shortest time to mow a large area. They are priced a bit high when compared to other models.

Lawn Tractors

Lawn Tractors

Pros of lawn tractors

  • Mows 42 to 48 swath
  • Can mulch, bag and discharge sideways
  • Some brands have four wheel constructions
  • Four wheel drive offer great steering on rough terrain
  • Can be fitted with snow blowers and other tools

Cons of lawn tractors

  • Bagging kits are expensive
  • Require lot of storage space
  • Exhaust emission
  • Upkeep of lawn tractors
  • The gas engine require regular tune-ups and frequent oil changes

Uses of lawn tractor mowers

If your lawn is more than half an acre, they are perfect choice. If you have a large garage they will not stress you when storing.

Best Lawn Tractors in the market

1. Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower

Lawn mower tractor

Lawn mower tractor

This is among the best Lawn Tractors you can buy. You will save money. This is because they can serve as both utility vehicle and power generator. It has 550 pound towing capacity and storage bed.

Highlights of the features

  • 420 cc gasoline powered engine which powers the on-board generator
  • 7100 watt generator is convenient for powering the outlets and blades as well as charging the batteries
  • 46″ removable fabricated deck (designed to mulch, vacuum and discharge)
  • Transport speed up to 17 mpg in both gas and electric
  • 14″ turning radius make it easy to maneuver around tight turns

2. Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 18.5 hp

lawn tractor

lawn tractor

It is a fast continuous variable transmission pedal tractor. The company offers 3 year limited warranty. Frame and chassis is offered 5 year warranty.


  • AST auto transmission offers maintenance free operation
  • Air Induction mowing technology (this improves airflow within the deck hence ensuring a consistent cut)
  • Convenient fender mounted deck lever (spring assisted for easy operation)
  • Deck wash port (allows easily connection of water hose to the underside deck for washing)

3. Poulan Pro 960420182 Briggs

It is a riding mower. The deck measures up to 42inch hence allowing wide cut. 15.5HP engine makes the machine run perfectly when in operation. Hydraulic transmission ensures you run it easily.


  • 42 inch reinforced vented deck (allows easy flow of air to underside of the deck)
  • Auto Hydrostatic Transmission (easy speed adjustments, changes speed without stopping)
  • Durability and performance (155 HP Briggs & Stratton single cylinder engine assures great operation)

4. Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV

It is a 30 inch cutting lawn mower. You will just ride and engage the right gears for the mower to cut grass. Easy operation hence can achieve a radius of 18 inch turning. Troy is ideal for standard land owners who have medium sized landscapes. Works well in even terrains.

Features we highlight

  • Powerful 420cc Single Troy-Bilt Engine (achieves forward speeds of 4.25 MPH with 6 speed transmission)
  • Manual power take-off (makes it ideal for easy blade engagement)
  • The 30-Inch cutting deck (features 5 adjustable settings)

Zero-Turn-Radius Riders Mowers

Most of the best zero turn radius riders are powered by gas. There are also few electric models. We tested several models and came up with the best for you to check out.

Pros of buying zero turn radius rider’s lawn mowers

  • Rear wheel and engine staring (makes them highly maneuverable)
  • 3 in one (they can clip, discharge and mulch) this make them among the best zero turn radius riders lawn mowers.
  • They can achieve 42 to 50 inch swath

Cons of zero turn radius riders

  • They cost more than standard tractors
  • Cut is not perfect
  • Rear wheel can tear up grass when turning
  • Hard to control on hills
  • Require practice in order to control
  • Bagging kit is sold separately

Maintenance of zero turn riders lawn mowers

Powered by gas engine which require tune ups and regular oil changes

Electric models require occasional blade sharpening

Zero turn riders lawn mowers are best for

They are suitable for large lawns. Zero turn are among the best choice for lawns with lots of obstacles.

Top Zero-Turn-Radius Riders in the market

Our top picks of zero turn radius riders lawn mowers include the following:

1. Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54″

This is among the best zero turn mowers you can buy. It is fitted with 4 ant scalp rollers for smooth mowing. Some of the remarkable features on the mower include:

B&S 24hp v-twin engine which is very durable

54-Inch reinforced stamped cutting deck for great durability

Electric clutch allows easy blade engagement

Dual hydro-gear EZT transmission system

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2. Swisher ZTR2460BS Response 24HP 60-Inch B&S ZTR Riding Mower

Lawn tractor

The model has rapid response control system. This allows you to achieve great control when mowing. It features 8mph reverse and forward transmission. Other features include:

24 HP Professional Series Briggs & Stratton engine

60 inch cutting deck, this has 3 Gator mulching blades

Hydro Gear 2800 transmission system

Rear-Engine Riders mowers

In this category we managed to identify top gas powered models. The ride is more compact hence suitable if you have less storage spaces.

Benefits of buying rear engine riders

  • Ease to use
  • Perfect cut, discharge and mulch
  • Highly compact

Drawbacks of rear engine rider’s lawn mower

  • Maneuverability is hard due to gear drive
  • No fuel gauge and seat is not so comfortable

Maintenance of rear engine riders

Requires regular oil changes and engine tune-ups

Rear engine ride mowers are best for

If you have medium sized lawn or larger, it is the perfect choice. Rear engine is suitable for limited storage space.

Our top pick on Rear-Engine Riders

1. Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

It is an ideal machine for standard lawn mowers. Troy Bilt works well for relatively even terrain. It can achieve a top speed of 4.25 MPH. Some of the highlights we identified include:

Powerful 420cc Single Troy-Bilt Engine

Manual power take-off allows fast and easy blade engagement

The 30-Inch cutting deck featuring 5 adjustable settings

2. Ariens 915189 Zoom 16 HP 34 in. Zero Turn Riding Mower

The lawn mower is fitted with Briggs & Stratton 16 HP/656cc V-Twin 4-Cycle Engine’s with overhead valve design. This makes it to run cooler and cleaner. It has mechanical lift hence allows lowering and raising the mower.


Hydro-Gear EZT transaxles require no shifting hence effortless operation

Equipped with large hydraulic reservoir and cooling fans

Better cut with less scalping

Quick and efficient mowing

4 support positions eliminate unnecessary deck movements

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