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Google Street View Ultimate Guide, Benefits and Hiring the Right Professional for the Job

Google street view can be easily understood if you have ever used Google maps and Google earth services. It is the technology which allows you to take a virtual tour. There are incidences where you would like to travel but you prefer knowing the look of the places where you intend to visit. In such a case, you can relax in your home and take a Google virtual tour. In the virtual tour, you will see clear images of different places. Common features you can capture on a Google street view feature include cafes, tourist attraction centers, hotels, restaurants, gas stations among other features. Almost all cities in the United States have been captured by the Google street view feature. If you would like to travel to a given city, it will be very easy for you to have a clear view of what you will expect at the cities after you check on the virtual tour.

What is Google street view?

It is a tool provided by Google which allows you to experience more details out of Google maps. The feature allows you to navigate through 290 degrees vertical and 360 degrees horizontal view. There are several things you can do with the feature. It makes you have a clear understanding of different features from just the comfort of your home. For instance, you may like to know the features you will encounter in your drive through a city. The virtual tour allows you to understand different routes. It can even help you locate certain features in your tour.

What are the uses of Google street view?

Taking virtual walks

If you would like to take a virtual walk, then the feature can be the best for you to consider. The engineers at Google took time to come up with a feature which will make it very easy to take virtual tours. There are some areas which you would like to know how they appear before you can proceed to visit them. The feature allows you to easily take a virtual tour from your home.

Explore landmarks

Some landmarks are very attractive. For instance, when you visit Washington, there are certain places you would like to know. You can easily understand the different monuments even if you have never toured the area after taking a virtual tour. The process of using the feature is very easy. With your mouse, you can hover over the features on the Google map and they will expand to reveal more features. It is even to your advantage because you can turn time back and view the places at different period. For example, if you will like to know how a given place was looking two years back, you will just select the dates and the data will be retrieved from the Google services.

Find shops using Google street view

If you would like to find places where you can buy products, then the Google street view can be the best place to go. It offers clear view of streets as well as shops. Some shops have great offers; you can take a virtual tour and compare the shops. Sometimes you will just like to locate shops which deal with certain products. For instance, you may be looking for shops which deal with jewelry. You will easily know such shops after you decide to take the virtual tour. It solves things for you because you will not have to move over long distances before you can locate the shops.

Restaurants and hotels

You may be in a road trip then you arrive in a given place where you are stranded not knowing where to eat. It can be very easy to know the best restaurants if you can turn to your device and take a virtual tour. The Google maps are available on all devices. Even with your smartphone, you can easily locate the restaurants where you can eat.

How are images used in the tool captured?

The images you see on Google maps are actually captured by people. Goggle supports capturing of major cities and streets. You may like to have your restaurant or shop on the Google maps even if the location has not been captured by Google. In such a case, you will have to hire a professional who will capture the images and feed them onto Google street view. Google has a list of certified photographers whom you can hire for the services.

How Google protects people privacy on the maps

During the footage capturing process, you may end up capturing faces of people. It is not ethical to have people online where others can know where they are located. Google has developed a feature where the software automatically makes the faces of people blurred hence they will not be identified by other people who use the Google maps features.

Flagging inappropriate imagery

If you capture inappropriate image and post it on the platform, it will not last long because Google technical engineers will flag it out. There is an option for people to flag the content after which action can be taken by Google.

The growth of Google street view

Since the introduction of the feature back in 2007, the feature has grown to cover different parts of the world. During its introduction in 2007, it covered only five major cities in the United States with their suburbs. Nowadays the feature covers different countries.

Which countries are covered by Google street view?

The feature has been expanded by Google to cover many cities. You can find it in countries such as:

  • United States
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan

What are the tools required to have a business on Google maps

In order to have your business location captured and displayed on Google, you need to have a powerful camera which can capture clear photos and videos. You should as well have a car to move around the streets so that you can capture the business location and its environments. Remember you need to capture the business itself and the surrounding areas so that Google can edit the overlapping areas so that your business can easily fit in the Google maps.

How to see street level imagery from the past

You can easily know how your street looked like five years ago. The data captured by Google is stored in their archives from where you can go back in time and know how the street was looking like sometime back. You will have to head to the map and click on time. The time will allow you select the past date where you would like to view the map and it will display the footage at such a given time.

Is it easy to Explore Street View?

It is very easy to use the Google street view feature. Google has provides clear explanation on what you are supposed to do so that you can enjoy using different features. The process has been highly simplified so that anybody can utilize different features available on the tool.

Google street view

Google street view

Steps involved in creating Google street view

The feature has been created after taking into consideration different factors. You may feel like the technology used in the Google maps is just simple. The user experience of the platform has been simplified but there are several steps taken to avail the feature so that you can use it. Some of the steps involved in bring the images to live include the following:

Collecting imagery

The first step the Google engineers take to have the images online is to take imagery. They will drive through different streets with cars fitted with cameras. They take into consideration factors such as weather, population density among others to determine the time they will tour different areas with an intention of capturing images.

Aligning imagery

For the images to align with specific locations, the engineers combine signals available from GPS sensors that they can have the right image for different locations. Other factors which are take into consideration to have images which are aligning include speed and the direction the car was travelling while capturing the images.

Turning photos into 360 photos

For the images to display without any gaps, the adjacent cameras   align to take overlapping pictures. The photos are then stitched together into a 360 degree image. Special image processing tools are applied to lessen the seams and create smooth transition between the images.

Displaying the right image

The time taken to reflect the lasers from objects indicated how far a surface is from the car. The three laser used in each car are then used to construct a 3D image. You can easily achieve a panoramic view of the area through application of the sensors.

Benefits of applying Google Street view in your business

Helps in building trust in customers

People will like to associate with real business. When you put your business on the Google maps, people will search and have a feel of what your business looks like. It is an effective way you can apply to add trust to your customers.

Boosts the research process

Many people do research online after which they proceed to buy in brick and mortar stores. The images will make it easy for people to know how your business looks like and they will arrange to visit you from where they can do business.

Demonstrates Quality

The way you have maintained your business will portray the quality. With a well maintained business, people will associate you with high quality and they will be ready to buy from you. They can easily know it through the Google maps.

Creates connection with customers

People would like to connect with your business. It will be very easy to get the right costumers if you can make them have a virtual tour of your business.

Easy to access target audience

If you target people in a given locality, then it will be easy for them to know more about your business if they can access real life images. The maps play a great role in such a case.

 Attracts local audience

People go on the internet to access content. If you deal with certain products or services, then many people will get to know about it online. Use of the maps makes it possible for people to access the products online.

Influences customers in making decisions

People will compare businesses before they proceed to make a decision. If you can display your services well on Google maps, then it will be very easy to attract more people to your business.

Passive Marketing

It allows you to reach out to more people without having to invest in marketing.

Comfortable experience

It is easy to access information on photos rather than reading through text. You will communicate a lot about your business in a short span if you can take advantage of the Google map features.

 Make your business memorable

Using the Google feature will make your business memorable. Many other people use different forms to advertise their businesses. You will stand out if you can apply the Google maps.

How to choose the best Google street view professional

Check on the quality of the camera

You will have to hire professional for the services. Google allows you to capture clear photos and images of your business and feed them into the Google street view database. There are some experts who have been certified to do so. You can hire them and have your business in the data base so that you can enjoy the several benefits.

Have a look at photos he has ever taken before

There are past photos which the professional photographer has taken and uploaded. It is essential to have a look at such photos so that you can know whether the professional you are about to hire can guarantee you the best services or not.

What are his charges?

You will have to pay for the services offered by the professional. You need to check on his charges so that you can make the right decision.

Hire a Google street view professional who has been certified by Google

Google has a list of experts who have been fully certified. In order to know whether a given expert can serve you well, you need to check on the list offered by the company and confirm whether you are hiring the right expert.

Consider a professional who has ever served other people

There are some business owners who utilize the feature; you can consult them so that you can know whether the expert is offering the best services.

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