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Fire Pit Grill Ultimate Guide

A fire pit is any outdoor fire place where you build file using firewood. The best fire pit grill will allow you cook the best rotisserie or any other type of delicious food. Wood makes the food achieve natural flavor as well as taste. If you love camping in woods, then outdoor fire pit is the best choice of fire for you to cook. Always wait till the firewood has burned with hot glowing embers before you start grilling food. It produces the ambient heat necessary to prepare the best rotisserie.

Comparing outdoor fire pit and other types of grills

If you love to have smoked food, then going for a smoker box will serve you well. For easy control of temperature, a charcoal grill is the best for you to buy. But, if you will like to enjoy the fun of busking by the heat from your firewood as you cook food, then going for a fire pit grill is the best option.

Types of Wood Burning Grills

There are several types of wood burning grills available. You need to compare different fire pit grills available so that you will buy the most suitable for your specific needs. Common types of wood burning grills available include the following:

Free-standing Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Grill

They are available in several stores. You have great freedom to choose from several brands available. The styles also vary. It makes it necessary for you to compare different brands available before you decide on one.

Advantages of free standing portable outdoor fire pit grill

  • Adds flavor to food
  • Wheels make them easy to move
  • Wood is a cheaper source of energy
  • Fun sitting by the fire outdoors

Disadvantages of free standing portable out wood burning fire pit

Slow grilling: You have to wait till wood burns to embers before you can start grilling.

Some of the foods which can be cooked on free standing fire pit include leg of a lamb and whole poultry.

Wood Burning Charcoal Grill

If we compare wood burning fire pit and charcoal grill, there are several differences. Wood burning fire pit grills withstand high temperatures. Charcoal grills can support less heat due to less heat production when burning charcoal. There are also models such as Weber ranch kettle which can act as both woods burning grill as well as charcoal burning grill.

Fireplace Grill

If you do not like buying metal grills, you can access a fireplace grill build out of hearth and use it to cook while outdoors.

Campfire Grill Pit

You can easily your campfire grill pit into a wood burning grill. Some of the items you need include a metal grill.

Brick Wood Fire Grill

For those who will like to have a permanent grill outdoors, you can build a brick wood fire grill. Just ensure you have enough space where firewood will burn to produce enough embers you need for the cooking purposes.

Tips when buying wood burning grill


If you plan to hold a big party in your backyard, then a big grill makes it easy for you to prepare enough food. If you need it for small uses, you can go for a small grill which usually cost less.


If you plan to move your grill to different locations, then look for one which fits easily in your car trunk. It should have wheels for excellent maneuverability.

Grill Accessories to Enhance your Wood Fire Cooking

You need to check on other accessories available on the grill. For instance, popular wood burning grills such as San Jose fire pit come with a motorized rotisserie. The rotisserie makes it easy to grill food evenly. Also, check on availability of mesh lid to block flying embers.

The best Wood Burning Grills review

Chicago Brick Oven Cbo-750 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven On Cart – Copper

the best fire pit

the best fire pit

The brick oven grill is on the top of our list of wood burning grills. Chicago brick has a great design to make your outdoor grilling great. Unique design pulls flames across the top to make a dome shape ideal for your grilling.

Benefits of buying Chicago brick oven

  • Even cooking of food due to the distinctive shape
  • Spacious hence allow cooking of large pizzas, steaks, chickens and other large pieces of meat.
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with lots of accessories such as pizza peel, infrared thermometer and cleaning brush

The Portable Fire Pit

A portable fire pit comes with many benefits. For example, you will easily carry it to any place where you will like to enjoy cooking foods. When buying portable fire pits, you need to go deeper and check on design features. It should be portable to an extent where you will find it easy carry it around due to light weight.

The best Portable Fire Pit review

Outdoor Great Room NV-1224-BLK-W-K Napa Valley Fire Pit Table Black with Wicker Base

The grill comes with several accessories to make your grilling session enjoyable. For example, it comes with a gas valve, hose and regulator, natural gas orifice, metal flex, burner oven and electronic piezo.

Some of the features which make the grills great include durability. It is weather resistant hence can last for years to come. Drop in tile makes it easy to customize the grill to your desired look. Burners adhere to the highest level of safety.

Outdoor Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table is just a fire pit built into a patio table. When cooking on a fire pit which does not have pit construction, you will face a lot of problems. With a fire pit table, you have the freedom to enjoy drinks as you cook. There is enough space for feet and other items you need while grilling at the patio.

Factors to consider when buying a patio fire pit table


The fire pits vary in many aspects. There are others which have small spaces to cook small meals, high enough to rest your knees and those which can allow several people to sit around the fire.


You can find your style of fire pit table. There are others which have large rims for you to surround them. Some models have enough space to accommodate all your family members. Always compare the fire pit tables available in the market before you decide to buy one.

Convertible table

Some models can convert to patio tables through closing a lid. When you are ready to grill, just open the lid, and you will be ready to cook food.

Cooking grill grate

To turn your fire pit table into a food place, just buy a fire pit with a grill grate. Grill grates come in some model; hence you need to check out when purchasing.

Cast Iron Fire Pit

Cast iron fire pits are common. You need to study the benefits of the iron fire pits before you buy:

Advantages of buying iron fire pit

Strength and Durability

Cast iron is a heavy and sturdy metal. After buying cast iron fire pit, it will last for years before you can think of replacing it.


When comparing iron and other metal used to make fire pits such as copper, you will find iron is cheaper.


Most cast iron pits are highly portable. They are easy to fit in your car. Others have wheels which make it easy to move them to different places where grilling is necessary.


The grills come with features such as grill grates and mesh screen cover to offer you great functionality.

The Downside to Cast Iron

Although cast iron fire pits have a lot of advantages, there are few downsides. For example, if you buy a big one, it can be massive to carry around.

The best Cast Iron Fire Pit review

Deep Bowl Design Cast Iron Fire Pit

the best fire pit grill review

the best fire pit grill review

Bowl is a durable cast iron fire pit. It adds a decorative flare to your backyard. The vinyl cover helps in protecting you from the harsh outdoor weather when not in use. Your outdoor living changes for good after buying the grill. The 35-inch diameter spark screen makes it safe when cooking using sparking embers.

Copper Fire Pit

There are many choices of outdoor fire pits; among them is the copper fire pit. Some of the highlights of copper fire pit include the following:


Copper is among highly attractive metals. If you will like to have a great outdoor look, then copper fire pit is the way to go.

Long lasting

Copper has higher melting point than iron. The high melting point makes copper grills last longer. It is rust resistant, unlike cast iron.

Conducts heat well

Copper conducts heat well making it easy for you to enjoy your outdoor cooking. Even if the evening is cold, the heat will warm you up while cooking.

Downsides to copper fire pit

Costs more than other types

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Factors to consider when buying copper fire pit

Size: The fire pit should be big enough to accommodate your cooking needs

Portability: Your car trunk materials. For easy portability, buy a copper grill which can easily fit in your vehicle trunk.

Cooking grill

If you intend to cook on your copper fire pit, then buy one which has a grill grate. It should be deep to accommodate embers when cooking.

The best Copper Fire Pit review

Hammered Copper 42″ Round Oriflamme Fire Table Gas Fire Pit Table

copper fire pit grill

copper fire pit grill

The fire pit construction features real 18 gauge hammered copper. It is sealed to prevent weathering as well as maintaining a new look. Features include standard coffee table height hence maximizing functionality. For optimal warmth, it has stainless steel elegance burners. Natural gas is the source of fuel. The fire pit makes your outdoor cooking a breeze.

The Outdoor Fireplace

What is the difference between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit?

The difference is just the construction. Any outdoor fire pit with a chimney refers to an outdoor fireplace. There are several types of outdoor fireplaces available:

Types of Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Stone Fireplace /Outdoor Masonry Fireplace

These are permanently fireplaces. If you love outdoors, then the fireplaces will do you and your family great favor during cold evenings. The designs vary. You can have them built according to your home construction or just have them as an addition to any given period when you will feel like having them.

Firewood vs. Gas outdoor fireplaces

Just like the case of indoor fireplaces, you are free to choose the right fireplace for your needs. Take into consideration the type of fuel readily available. You can decide to go for gas or even firewood. Wood will work well if you live in a place where there are plenty of woods. The cracking wood while at the fireplace will make your evening great. I specifically love outdoor firewood pits due to the great aroma produced by burning wood.

Chiminea Fire Pits

It is derived from traditional Mexican versions. They come in different sizes and designs, but they have the bulbous bottom in common. They also have long chimneys like necks. The outdoor fire pit is suitable for porches, backyards and decks where sitting down with friends in the evening makes your day.

Tips when buying Chiminea Fire Pits


The sizes vary. A small chiminea can be suitable for small decks and porches, but ensure it has enough space to accommodate enough wood.

Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestors come in shapes of mesh or screens. If you are going to use the outdoor fire pit near trees, then go for one with spark arrestors.


The classic Mexican model is made out of clay. It is just like terra cotta grills. Clay is attractive, but it comes with lots of problems. It cannot handle large fire for an extended period. Clay can easily break if mishandled. You can as well opt for durable materials such as aluminum, but they tend to cost more.


If you plan to cook outdoors, then a chiminea fire pit is not the right for you to buy. It does not have any place where you can put a grill or rotisserie. Chiminea has a long chimney which prevents you from cooking. If you like to cook foods such as hot dogs or sausages, then you need to look for other types of the outdoor fire pit.

The best Chiminea Fire Pit review

Natural Gas Chiminea – Blue Rooster ALCH027GK-NG

best fire pit grill review

best fire pit grill review

The fire pit can be converted to gas burning. If you like to use gas, just disconnect the gas inlet, and you will have your chiminea burning wood. It is safe and assures users great value for t their money. The old nonrusting cast iron used in making the chiminea makes it very stable.

Removable rain lid makes it easy to prevent rain water from entering the burning chamber.  It is easy to light and maintain. For outdoor cooking, you can use propane or natural gas. If you like to buy a durable chiminea, then I bet you take this one.

The Sojoe Fire Pit

Sojoe fire pit is a well-designed fire pit grill. If you will like to achieve excellent time when cooking outdoors, the grill performs. The great features of Sojoe fire pit include:

  • Various Decorative Styles
  • Durability and Functionality making it the best outdoor cooking fire pit
  • Accessories such as spark protector make your outdoor cooking safe
  • Portability: Only weighs 65 pounds hence easy to move around
  • Perfect for Cooking. It is designed with outdoor cooking considerations.

The best Sojoe Fire Pit review

Sojoe 32WILD Wildlife Cutout Steel Firepit

The fire pit is made out of cold rolled steel to achieve a rustic finish. The unique wildlife cutouts enhance ventilation. It minimizes smoke during use as well as improving airflow for efficient cooking.

Why you need to buy Sojoe Fire Pit

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with accessories such as spark protector and waterproof storage

The Gas Fire Pit

Sitting outside during summer evenings makes it a great moment with your loved ones. But, who will be in charge of adding firewood to your outdoor fire pit? You need a gas powered fire pit for you and your family members to sit down and relax each one of you listening to the sweet stories. A gas powered fire pit can be connected to your liquid propane tank or natural gas for you to enjoy a great time.

Advantages of a Gas Firepit

Hassle free outdoor grilling

Warmth and Ambiance without the hassle of adding firewood

Disadvantages of a Gas Fire Pit

Not easy to cook on most gas fire pits

No Wood Smoke, Aroma, and Crackling and Popping sound

The best Gas Fire Pit review

Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Cover

It is mad out of extruded aluminum which resists weathering. The black paint provides elegance to your backyard. It has a door which opens to allow you store a 20-pound propane tank. The lid at the top displays fire making you achieve great outdoor experience. The construction has a cover to protect it from rain.

Campfire and Fire Pit Ring

If you love building fire pits in different places, then you need to buy a campfire fire ring. The fire pit ring offers you freedom to make a fire anywhere safely. You will just look for a nonflammable substance to base your fire. Some of the elements you can quickly access include stones, sand, gravel or even concrete. The fire pit ring is a cheap fire pit gear you can ever buy.

The best Campfire and Fire Pit Ring review

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Liner with Top Flange Lip

The ring is made up of 10 gauge stainless steel material. It is rust and corrosion resistant. If you are looking for a perfect fire pit ring for different outdoor operations, then buying this type of ring will make you achieve peace of mind.

Temporary Brick Fire Pit

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then going for an interim fire pit will work for you. There are many advantages and disadvantages of building a temporary fire pit.

Benefits of temporary fire pit

Easy to make

Widely available supplies


Easy Fire pit cooking

The best Temporary Brick Fire Pit review

9 Inch Cozy Outdoor Patio Bond Fire Brick Column That Runs On Propane Gas

The temporary fire pit is impressive. It runs on 40,000BTU stainless steel burners. With electronic ignition, you will take the shortest time to light it. Just buy a propane tank, and you will enjoy the outdoor fire. Assembly is very easy.

Permanent Stone or Brick Fire Pit

For those ready to build fire pits which they will enjoy for an extended period, then permanent fire pits are the best options. If you have a place where you will like to have a permanent fire pit in place, then order the best outdoor fire pit and have it installed permanently.

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent outdoor fire pit

Benefits include high durability. Some of the drawbacks include the need to dig and remove ashes from time to time if you decide to use firewood.

The best Permanent Stone or Brick Fire Pit review

Necessaries Compact Outdoor Fireplace

It comes with stone construction. You need wood to run the fire pit. For wood lovers, it is a great addition to your outdoors. Just order the outdoor fire pit, and within less than 4 hours you will have it installed in your garden. The fire pit can add significant value to your outdoors.