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Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy and Tips on How to Stay Safe and Comfortable During the Period

You need to buy the right maternity clothes to stay comfortable during pregnancy. The clothes you used to wear on a daily basis will have to change. They may not fit well because the belly will grow in size as the pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. There is anticipation for a new member of the family as well as several changes which occur in your body. If you are a first-time mom, you may be overwhelmed by the different changes which occur in your life. Avoid bad habits such as smoking during pregnancy because they are detrimental to your baby.

The right maternity clothes should offer you the necessary support and comfort you need while carrying the baby. After the child is born, you will as well need the right clothes which you can wear to recover your body after the stretches. You should as well budget on clothes which you will wear during the breastfeeding period. Try to buy breathable clothes which fit well. You should as well check your diet and lifestyle. If you are used to smoking, it has several effects on your body hence you need to stop.

Effects of smoking during pregnancy

Can lead to miscarriage

Smoking has been associated with still births according to the US Center for Disease Control Prevention. Nicotine can also lead to complications in the placenta which can affect your baby.

Ectopic pregnancy

Nicotine can lead to contraction of the fallopian tubes which can lead to ectopic pregnancy.

Placental abruption

The placenta should always remain attached to the fetus and the womb so that the baby can get nutriments. The use of tobacco has been associated with the detachment of the placenta which can lead to death of the fetus.

Placenta previa

It is a case where the placenta can grow covering the cervix which leads to depriving the fetus necessary nutrients. The situation can lead to excessive bleeding if it is torn which can lead to loss of pregnancy.

Preterm birth

Smoking can lead to preterm births which in most cases are associated with problems such as visual and hearing impairments, behavioral problems, mental disability and compilations which can result to death.

Low birth weight

When babies are born with low weight, they tend to develop cerebral palsy, developmental delay and hearing and vision ailments.

Birth defects

If you smoke during pregnancy, you increase chances of your child being born with defects. Common defects which can affect your baby include congenital heart defects, cleft lip among other health complications.

Tips on how to quit smoking

It is necessary to put in place measures and stop smoking so that you can give birth to a healthy baby. A website such as Quitline offers necessary advice on how you can stop smoking. Visiting will offer you an overview on how you can stop smoking. Some of the tips you will learn upon visiting https://www. includes the following:

Set a target on when to stop smoking

You can easily stop smoking after you make a personal decision. Decide when you will like to stop smoking and avoid cigarettes from such a given time. It works very well in many people.

Cold turkey method

It involves making a stern decision where you stop smoking once and stick to your decision.

Behavioral therapy

You will need a counselor to guide you

Nicotine replacement therapy

It is a case where you try other alternatives to nicotine in tobacco

Combo treatment

It involves a combination of different methods aimed at helping you quit smoking.

Know your triggers and avoid them

Involve a buddy who will encourage you to stop smoking

Tips to consider when buying maternity clothes

Consider breathable

You need clothes which will fit you well. It is necessary to go for breathable clothes which will not expose you to unnecessary sweating as you carry the pregnancy. Go for natural fabrics which are highly breathable. They will allow the skin to sweat naturally and cool down. Comfort is highly emphasized when buying the clothes. Consider clothes which are made out of natural materials but they are highly breathable.

Stretchable materials

There is a lot of stretching along your abdominal region as the baby grows. You need clothes which can easily stretch. When breastfeeding, you will as well need clothes which can stretch easily so that you can reach for the breast to feed the baby. When you go out trying to choose the right clothes for our pregnancy, you should always insist on buying those which are made out of stretchable materials.

Durable and stain resistant maternity clothes

You need clothes which can last long till you are through with the pregnancy period. You need to go for clothes which are highly durable so that you can wear them without any worry. Try to buy clothes which will not develop hard stains. When breastfeeding a baby, he will tend to play which can lead to developing stains on the clothes. Go for clothes which you can manage to keep them clean at all times.

Some of the materials suitable for maternity clothes include natural fabrics such as cotton which will not make you feel itchy and too hot due to heat retention experienced in other materials such as polyester. Always avoid synthetic maters such as polyester when buying the clothes. There are different maternity clothes you need to buy so that you can wear during pregnancy or even after pregnancy as you breastfeed. The following are some of the clothes you need to buy:

  1. Choose perfect support bra

During pregnancy you need to support your bra. The breasts will develop in anticipation for the coming baby. You should choose a bra which can support your breasts well. There are several pregnancy bras out there. Try to choose the perfect size so that you can achieve the necessary support you need when carrying your baby. A stretchable bra will keep a perfect fit while at the same time avoid you cases where the bra will be too tight. You should know your size so that you can order accordingly. You should always emphasize on buying a bra which can offer you the perfect support you deserve during pregnancy.

  1. Long-sleeved top

You need to feel comfortable as you carry the pregnancy. If you love long sleeved tops, you can still wear them during pregnancy but ensure they are well fitting. Buying those made out of stretchable and breathable materials is necessary because they will not stretch you too much to an extent where you will feel uncomfortable. Pay attention to the size of the bra because during pregnancy the stomach will stretch which can make it necessary to opt for a large size. Provided it fits you well, you are good to go. Buying your tops and other clothes from shops which sell pregnancy clothing is necessary because in most cases they select pieces of clothes which are designed to assure you great comfort when nursing a baby.

  1. Jacket that fit the belly

To stay in good health, you need to maintain the right body temperature. You cannot do away with a jacket if you live in a place which is too cold. Remember to buy a jacket which can fit well. A long jacket which can cover up to the belly will be ideal. Ensure the jacket is well fitting and has the necessary warmth you need to enjoy healthy living. There are different designs of jackets out there, it is necessary to take into consideration the different jackets available in the market so that you can decide on the best which can meet your budget needs.

  1. Tank top

A top tank can be among maternity clothes which you need to buy. There are different designs out there. It is upon you to choose one which is well fitting so that you can enjoy wearing the clothes. Ensure the tank top is well fitting. You can check on the sizes and ensure the material is stretchable so that you can feel comfortable as you wear the clothes. When it comes to color selection, you have freedom to choose from different colors. A tank top is necessary because it offers the necessary cover of the belly. Even if the belly will protrude, the right tank top will provide the much-needed cover.

  1. Swimming suit

You need to work out so that your body muscles can stay exercised to give birth easily. Swimming after giving birth as your daily workout routine is a great idea. You need the right swim gear to enjoy your swimming adventure. There are different designs of the swimming suits out there. Not all of them can serve you well hence you need to take time and compare different swimsuit so that you can buy the best. Always ensure you buy one which fits you well. Remember your comfort matters a lot when out swimming. The swimsuits come in different designs and colors. You should insist on buying one made out of a design which can best fit you.

  1. Half-length leggings

The half-length leggings will make you comfortable when relaxing outdoors especially during weekends. You can include them in your pregnancy clothes but ensure they are of the right size. They should be stretchable enough so that they will not constrict blood floor to your legs. They come in different designs hence you will not have a problem when it comes to choosing one which can best fit you.

pregnancy and maternity clothes

pregnancy and maternity clothes

  1. A nice fitting maternity dress

Many first time mothers find it hard to choose maternity dresses. There is a lot for you to choose from. The dresses are available in different designs but you should always ensure the dress is comfortable. It should be stretchable so that you will not feel restricted. The material should be breathable so that you can avoid cases where you will sweat too much while wearing the cloth. You can buy the breathable clothes online. Your budget also matters. You will find the maternity dresses priced at different prices. Always take your time and compare different stores which sell them so that you can locate one which can sell to you the best clothing at fair prices.

  1. Breathable pajamas

You need good sleep so that you can maintain good health during your pregnancy period. There are different designs of women pajamas out there. You can decide to go for robes or those sexy women pajamas out there. Even if you would like to stay attractive during your pregnancy session, you should not fear because you have the freedom to include any night dress in your wardrobe but the rule of thumb is that the pajamas should be breathable. Avoid materials which will make you breathe too much when sleeping. Going for natural materials will make you comfortable because they tend to be highly breathable.

  1. Nursing Tops

You need nursing tops when pregnant. They offer enough room for the expanding breasts. If you plan to breastfeed, they are very necessary because they allow easy access to the breasts for the baby to breastfeed. Many nursing tops manufacturers take into consideration the need of women when they are nursing.

They have the necessary allowances to allow the mother breastfeed. Always ensure you buy the right size so that you can achieve a comfortable fit out of the nursing tops.

  1. Postpartum maternity belt

The postpartum maternity belt allows ladies to wrap the waist and the belly tightly after giving birth. It is necessary because it speeds up the recovery process as well as weight loss. Many mothers will like to lose weight and maintain the healthy body weight they had before becoming pregnant. The postpartum maternity belt is designed in such a way it helps them regain the right weight. Different muscles are stretched during childbirth. The belt plays a great role in supporting the core muscles so that they can recover from the pregnancy.

Benefits You Enjoy While Wearing the Postpartum Maternity Belt

Reduces uterus swelling

Sometimes mothers can experience uterus swelling after giving birth. It is a problem which can be solved by wearing the right postpartum maternity belt. Take your time to choose one which fits you well and you can manage the swelling easily. It is an effective method because it compresses the abdominal muscles making them recover.

Improves posture

Pregnancy can lead to a change of your posture. To regain your normal posture, the muscles of the abdominal area should be worked out. The belt offers the necessary support to align your stretched abdominal muscles. Many women have tried the belts and they were able to regain their postures.

Reduces back pain

The problem of back pain is common in women after giving birth. You should not worry because the belt is designed in such a way it will help you manage the back pain in some cases it has been used to help mothers recover from the back pain completely. Different muscles are compressed which leads to better posture hence eliminating your problem associated with back pain. The pressure applied by the belt also plays a great role in expelling fluids which have accumulated along the abdominal region which reduces swelling and pain in general.

Helps you fit in your preferred maternity clothes

After stretching different muscles during childbirth, you will tend to experience restrictions when wearing certain types of clothes. You will easily get rid of the problem after you decide to buy the belt. It stretches different muscles hence making you fit in different clothes comfortably. Everybody will like to look attractive. You will regain your attractive body shape after a short period upon wearing the belt.

  1. Nursing/breastfeeding bra

You need a breastfeeding bra. The bras are designed in such a way they will stretch easily allowing you to easily breastfeed your baby. Unlike other bras, the nursing bras are designed in such a way they will support the enlarged breasts as well as allowing you easy access the breasts when breastfeeding your baby. There are different designs of the breastfeeding bras in the market. It is necessary to compare the different bras available so that you can decide on the best which can fit you well.

Buying the bras online is necessary because it will be easy to compare the different designs available before you proceed to buy. Always ensure you buy the right size because buying any bra will not offer you the necessary support you need to enjoy the breastfeeding experience. The materials should be breathable and stretchable to avoid cases where you will experience too much heat which can make you uncomfortable.

The above are some of the maternity clothes you need to buy so that you can enjoy your pregnancy. The clothes can be bought prior to giving birth or even during pregnancy. They are designed to make you comfortable so that you can enjoy the whole experience. Always check on reviews offered online about the different maternity clothes so that you can make an informed decision when buying one.

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