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Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Review

You need to go for the best touch screen car stereo if you like to enjoy your driving experience. There are different car stereo systems available. You need to carry out an assessment of the systems so that you will decide on one which will meet your specific needs. Others have added features such as Bluetooth capability and large screen sizes. The compatibility of the system also matters. Different people have their preferences when it comes to buying car stereos. To help you make the right decision when buying the best touch screen car stereo, we have a guide for you to follow:

Factors to take into Consideration when choosing best touch screen car stereo

Added Extras

Different car stereo systems available have different features. You need to check on the extras added so that you can decide on the best system. There are others which will restrict you to playing CD and DVD while others are versatile to allow you play music from even your mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is for you to decide on what you will like to have and use the criteria to narrow down when doing your search.

Compatibility of the touch screen car stereo

When it comes to compatibility, you should look at the way you listen to your favorite radio. Do you use the Pandora radio or you are among those who prefer using their phones? There is a specific way you listen to your music. If you love certain apps and the latest technology, then check on technology used, and you will make the perfect choice when buying your stereo system.

Back of Headrest Screens

The touch systems have receivers for DVDs hence making it possible for you to watch movies while you drive. The driver should concentrate on the road hence the video screens should be out of his view. You can make your passengers happy through having headrest screens. If you like to turn your vehicle into an exciting tour van, then you need to look for a touch screen car stereo which is compatible with big screens.

Remotes of the touch screen stereo

Most stereo systems nowadays come with tablets or iPhones compatibility. It implies that you will not necessarily have to touch the screen before you can input commands. You can just use your tablets or iPhones to select music which you will like to play. When taking into consideration the technology used to make the systems, you should as well check whether you can control the device via remote devices.

Detachable Screens of the touch screen stereo

Removable screens make it easy for you to move the system screen to different locations in your vehicle. If you are busy driving, you can have someone at the back seat selecting the best music. There is no need of leaning awkwardly so that you can access the screen you have placed in the back seat; you can as well retrieve it and control it from a place you can easily reach. Most of the systems we have reviewed have the detachable screens making it easy for you to control.

Larger Displays

To avoid being frustrated when using, then you need to go for a larger screen. The sellers have indicated the sizes of different screens which they offer. It is upon you to compare the screen sizes so that you will decide on one which will provide you peace of mind when operating the systems.

Top 8 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

1.Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

It is a multimedia DVD receiver. It has 7-inch motorized touchscreen display to offer users great peace of mind. Other great features which make this system my favorite include app radio functionality. The app radio makes it easy for me to listen to my favorite radio while driving. The touchscreen controls and the user interface is very intuitive making it achieve great user experience.

Pioneer AVH is a Pandora radio ready supporting both Android systems and iPhone. Other great features in the system include navigation ready and 3 Hi-Volt RCA Preouts (4V). The 7-inch screen has 16:9 aspect ratios which make the screen very clear.

Pioneer Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS technology

The inbuilt Bluetooth technology allows easy free calling and audio streaming. The HD radio tuner makes it a great addition to your car. The design eliminates complicated layered selection display hence making the operation of the system easy to access different functions. It has customized video and radio features to make it easy when choosing the best mode.

2. Kenwood DDX372BT

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

The stereo system features double-DIN Bluetooth technology. It makes it easy to enjoy AM/DVD and FM receiver in your vehicle. It can achieve the power output of 50 Watts x 4 channels / RMS: 22 Watts x 4 channels. The screen size is 6.2″ LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480. The SIRI eyes free control makes the operation of the system very convenient. Other great features of the system include direct iPhone and iPod controls. The standard USB to iPod cable is readily compatible with other USB devices.

Great features of Kenwood DDX372BT

If you love playing music via DVD/CD receiver, you will be assured of great peace of mind upon buying the system. It fits double-DIN dash opening making your experience in the car great. For those looking for the best Pandora control stereos system, then buying this model will be an excellent choice. It has iPhone and Android Pandora radio controls. The inbuilt Bluetooth makes it easy for you to enjoy audio streaming as well as hands-free calling.

3. Pumpkin 6.95″ Quad Core

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Review

Pumpkin 6.95″ Quad Core

The stereo comes with many features which make it appear among the top list of the best touch screen car stereo. It features quad-core Android 4.4 universal in Dash touch screen. The radio supports DVD and GPS navigation. You will enjoy both AM and FM radio as you drive towards your workplace and back home. The system supports other features such as Bluetooth for you to operate it with great ease.

To quickly access apps it supports 3G and Wi-Fi connections. You can easily link it to microphone and backup camera making it a great addition to your car. The capacitive screen fitted is 6.95 inches making it big enough for you to achieve a clear view. If you use an Android device, this system supports the latest pure Android 4.4. The operating system of the stereo is Cortex A9 dual core with 1.6GHz CPU.

Pumpkin 6.95″ Quad Core features

Other great features in the system include built-in GPS navigation and dual-zone function. The Bluetooth allows hands-free call. When driving, you will find GPS navigation very helpful, instead of buying GPS navigation separately, you can purchase the stereo and enjoy the feature. There are many features supported by this system. For instance, you will have freedom to use DVR, OBD2, SD, iPod, HDD, steering wheel control and subwoofer. The system has great features to help you transform your car for good.


car stereo system


It is a single DIN 7-inch touchscreen DVD player receiver. The motorized system makes it easy for you to enjoy most features which come with the latest stereo systems. It supports Bluetooth, wireless remote, and detachable front panel. Some of the great features in the system include RDS Tuner, 85 Watts x 4 Max Power, Balance/Fader/Bass, and Preset built-in EQ AND Treble output.

The system plays both DVD and CD. If you love using the latest technology such as USB, SD, MP3 and smartphones, the system offers you great freedom. It supports all music playing technology and FM /AM. The rear camera and steering control inputs make the system assure buyers value for their money. The front, sub preamp, and rear outputs make it an impressive system. The video display is very clear for you to enjoy great peace of mind.

What makes BOSS AUDIO BV9967B touch screen car stereo great?

The detachable panel and wireless remote control make the system a great addition. The Bluetooth technology used makes it easy for you to enjoy hands-free audio and video streaming while traveling. You can play music from apps such as Pandora and Spotify wirelessly. Some users love bass; the system produces great bass for you to enjoy your favorite music.

5. Pyle PLDN63BT

Pyle PLDN63BT touch screen car stereo

Pyle PLDN63BT touch screen car stereo

It is a 6.5-inch touchscreen CD/DVD player. The double-DIN Bluetooth stereo performs well if you like to have a multi function digital dashboard console. The stereo radio receiver has a great design to assure you excellent services. The inbuilt Bluetooth guarantees users great user experience. It allows wireless audio streaming. The inbuilt microphone allows hands-free calling.

Hi-Res 6.5″ Touchscreen Display is a user-friendly control interface allowing the users to control rear AUX and RCA outputs. If you love storing your favorite music on SD cards, the SD card readers make it easy to listen to all types of music stored on SD cards. It supports all digital media files and AM/FM radio. Other features you will enjoy after buying the system include a remote control and double DIN universal size standard.

 Features of Pyle PLDN63BT touch screen car stereo review

Provided your device is Bluetooth enabled, the system works with all Bluetooth devices. You can have it working with iPhones, blackberry, and android, Samsung, Sony and HTC. The design makes it easy to navigate through different media. If you are looking for a way you can improve your automobile entertainment, the system makes it easy for you to upgrade everything at once.

6. Power Acoustik PTID-8920B

Power Acoustik PTID-8920B touch screen car stereo

Power Acoustik PTID-8920B touch screen car stereo

Here you will enjoy a 7 inch flip out screen. The touchscreen monitor allows you to watch your favorite clips. It supports SD input as well as USB. The Bluetooth 2.0 makes the receiver hands-free calling easy. You can control contact list and MP3s via your smartphone.

The SDHC card reader can read up to 32Gb of SDHC card. It allows easy access to all your favorite MP3 audio and MP4 Videos. The JPG photo viewer makes it easy for you to view photos and even save them. The full operation touch screen controls make it easy for you to control your system as you drive. With just a tap on the screen, you will access extensive menus and settings for you to select your favorite music.

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Power Acoustik PTID-8920B touch screen car stereo review subwoofer output

The subwoofer output can power an amp of 80Hz with low pass crossover. You will not have to worry about what is happening at the back of your car with the system; the rearview camera input allows you to stay clear of objects which your car mirror can’t see. The rear camera view is connected to the trigger camera input for you to have it operational when reversing. You can synchronize the system with your phones so that you can easily access your contact list via the screen. Combines with the Bluetooth in the system, you can easily interact with your callers as you drive in busy streets.

7. Sound Storm DD889B as the best touch screen car stereo

Touch Screen Car Stereo

Touch Screen Car Stereo

The sound storm offers great features allowing you enjoy great music experience while in your car. Some of the great features of the system include support of features such as MP3, DVD/CD, SD, USB, AM, FM among other features. The screen size is 7 inches hence making it wide enough for you to access different menus. The touchscreen digital monitor allows wireless remote control for you to achieve excellent control over the system.

Other great features which you will find very helpful in the system include 85 Watts x 4 Max Power, Balance/Fader/Bass/Treble, RDS Tuner and Preset built-in EQ. If you love listening to music from your smartphone, the system makes it very easy for you to enjoy your favorite music. It is compatible with music from different devices such as MP3 players and smartphones of all types. The detachable panel makes it easy to position the system at various locations in your car for great comfort.

Music control on the Sound Storm DD889B best touch screen car stereo

You can easily paly and control music from various apps such as Pandora and Spotify wirelessly. The outputs guaranteed after installation of the system include video, front, and rear camera as well as sub preamp. The bass produced by the system makes it among the best touch screen car stereo. I love bass and this model makes me very happy.

After assessing different models above, we highly recommend Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS. The system has all it takes for you to enjoy great comfort. The screen size is big enough, it allows wireless control, supports different apps and can play any music from your favorite devices.