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Best Tactical Flashlight Review, Buying Guide and Where to Buy At the Best Prices

It is necessary for you to go through tactical flashlights review before you buy. There are different types of tactical flashlights available. Your specific requirement should guide you to make the right decision in your buying process. From tactical flashlights reviews, you will get to know the best, those which are average and the worst tactical flashlights you can buy. You may be confused after you hear the term tactical flashlight. It is simply a flashlight which has been made to meet the highest military standards. Some of the characteristics of tactical flashlights include the following:

  • High-intensity light emission
  • Assures users maximum durability due to the high-quality materials to make the parts
  • Most tactical torches are made out of weapon-grade aluminum
  • Compact and comfortable to use in different daily applications
  • Anti-roll profile to avoid slippage when handling the tactical flashlight in your survival situation


Top 10 Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2017

1.Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

 Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

If you go for Streamlight 88040 ProTac Flashlight, then you should prepare to spend well. It is a highly priced tactical flashlight, streamlight assures you value for your money. It is suitable for those who love exploring the woods or military personal. With Streamlight 88040 ProTac flashlight you are sure of extreme brightness.

The flashlight produces enough light for you to quickly walk through smoky or even burning building where visibility is very low. It employs C4 LED technology assures users the highest level of brightness.

Features and Specifications of Streamlight 88040 ProTac Flashlight

LED Power Regulation

The LED solid regulation in the tactical flashlight enables it to produce extreme brightness. Power regulation ensures safe utilization of the battery at different stages of the dry cells lifespan. The technology ensures your battery does not dry out fast.


There is no worry of the battery failing when in moist conditions. The waterproof construction ensures the battery achieves the highest level of durability.

Aircraft aluminum construction

Even if you drop it accidentally, the aircraft grade aluminum will not break easily. The tactical flashlights work in extreme environments. Construction ensures it is sturdy enough to withstand different conditions.

3 different operating modes

The three operating modes make it easy for you to choose different modes according to your specific area of operation.

2.SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Tactical Flashlight

SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Tactical Flashlight

SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Tactical Flashlight

If you spend most of your time in survivalist environments, then SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 is the right flashlight for you to buy. It can as well serve people who are in security jobs. Other applications include hunting or camping adventures in the woods or wilderness. Huge lumen and dependability of the torch make it an excellent choice. With more than 1,200 lumens you access enough light for you to operate in different areas where you need light.

It features Ultra Bright XM-L T6 Cree Super-Silicon Carbide Single Die LED Chip which ensures it has the highest level of brightness. In security operations, you will notice any intruder from a distance before he is too close to harm you.

Features and Specifications of SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 tactical flashlight

Long lasting lithium battery

The tactical flashlight consumes energy efficiently hence prolonging the lifespan of the battery. It is necessary for you to buy a flashlight which will offer you the necessary visibility. You can go hunting or long hours till late night, but the flashlight will still have the energy to illuminate the way for you to walk out of the wilderness where you went camping and something go wrong.

Rechargeable batteries

You don’t have to spend extra money after you buy the tactical flashlight. The rechargeable batteries can recharge at any given period of time, and you will continue using your flashlight. You will access a lithium ion charger for you to start recharging right away after you delete the charge.

Focus zoom lens

The lens makes it versatile because you can zoom to different levels to achieve the best lighting at various conditions.

3. Vizeri 230 Tactical Flashlight

Vizeri 230 Tactical Flashlight

Vizeri 230 Tactical Flashlight

It is another versatile tactical flashlight you can access in the stores. If you are looking for a touch which will assure you great durability, then it is the right device for you to buy. Numerous modes make it easy for y to choose the perfect lighting mode for different applications. When purchasing a torch, you should check whether you can adjust the flashlight lens. There are different areas where you need to choose different lighting modes. With a lens which allows you to choose the modes, it becomes very easy for you.

The ability to adjust the focus and narrow on a target is very necessary for situations such as a hunter or a watchman. It makes you achieve precise location of different items during darkness. Different focus allows you to target different distances.

Features and Specifications of Vizeri 230 tactical flashlight

Comes with 5 modes

The modes you can access on the flashlight include low, high, medium, SOS and strobe modes. The ability to adjust to different light modes makes the flashlight very versatile. You can use it to achieve different levels of illumination depending on the items you will like to locate.

Water resistant

Even if you enter water up to three feet, you are not to worry of the flashlight getting spoilt. The water resistant construction makes it a durable device you can buy and enjoy great success in your life.

The diffuser and holster with a D-ring

If you are out in a camping situation, the light diffuser makes it a great addition to your outdoor gear. You can hang it on your camping tent and access light for you to involve in different activities if there are no other sources of light.

Flexible power options

The flashlight allows you to use various sources of energy. You have freedom to fit AAA batteries or even CR123 alkaline batteries. If you prefer rechargeable version, you can as well apply them in the flashlight.

4. Outlite A 100 Tactical Flashlight

 Outlite A 100 Tactical Flashlight

Outlite A 100 Tactical Flashlight

The flashlight is both reliable and versatile. Multiple modes allow you to get out of any stressful situation. With the bright beam, you are always sure of optimum visibility in different conditions. It is ideal for anybody in the police department, security operations or even military. Those who take extended jungle and camping or hunting situations find the tactical flashlight very helpful. Main features you can easily note out of the flashlight include the zoom feature which can allow you to focus on specific areas. If you need a narrow beam for you to see distant objects, you can adjust the lens till you achieve the focus.

A hunter approaching a dangerous animal or security guard will find the torch very helpful.

Features and Specifications of Outlite A 100

Creed XML-T6 LED bulb

The bulb projects out 700 lumens at the highest settings. If you can zoom the flashlight, it can reach 900 lumens.

Rechargeable 3.7V 18650 batteries

You can use three AAA batteries or use the rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is available upon purchasing the torch. It will save you a lot of resources in the period you are using the flashlight because you will not have to buy batteries every time.

Five switch modes tactical flashlight

With medium, high, low SOS and strobe mode, you can achieve the perfect illumination each time you are out hunting or even in a camping situation where you need bright light for you to tackle different challenges in life.

Stands on its own

The construction allows the flashlight to stand on its own. It is a great feature because you can let the device stand on its own as you do different tasks in your camping adventure. You don’t need a candle because the system can stand on its own.

5. Surefire G2X tactical flashlight

 Surefire G2X tactical flashlight

Surefire G2X tactical flashlight

The remarkable feature in the flashlight is its strong LED emitter. You can trust the torch for you to achieve the best light in different environments. Durability and reliably is guaranteed after you resort to purchasing the flashlight. Compact size ensures you move it to different locations.

Outlite A 100 is highly trusted flashlight in the market. It won’t embarrass you if you can apply it well. The indestructible LED emitter has regulation to ensure you achieve the best possible light output which prolongs the operation time.

Nitrolon body with anodized bezel ensures you have a robust and durable device at your disposable. The durable construction makes the flashlight serve both as a self-defense and long lasting flashlight. It is a device made for the law enforcement offices in mind.

Features and Specifications of Outlite A 100 flashlight

320 lumens output level

The lumen output makes the flashlight last long for you always to enjoy visibility in different environments.

Tactical tail cap switch

The switch allows you to chive optimum accuracy when searching for objects in a dark room. Two settings make the operation very simple. You press once for momentarily lighting and twice for you to have a beam of light constantly till you switch it off.

Precision micro-textured reflector

It creates an optimum beam for you to achieve the desired level of light. The tough exterior makes it highly durable and ant-slip.

6. Refun E6 tactical flashlight

Refun E6 tactical flashlight

Refun E6 tactical flashlight

The flashlight is resilient and very durable. You can use the flashlight for both practical as well as leisure purposes. Refun is among top brands in the flashlight industry. The Refun E6 has an excellent construction which makes it a top choice for the company. It has an adjustable focus lens which allows users to concentrate on different surfaces. The bezel focus allows you to achieve various types of beams to always achieve the best operation in your lighting needs.

Features and Specifications of Refun E6

Reverse polarity protection

If you insert batteries on the opposite side, you don’t risk blowing the bulb due to the reverse polarity protection. Refun E6 is a durable flashlight you can have on the market.

Five switch modes

The switch modes allow you to select different modes depending on the light requirements. You can select SOS, medium, high and low light modes for you to achieve the best application ever.

Water resistant

You don’t have to worry about water spoiling on your device; it is waterproof hence it will last for long even if you use it in water. The rechargeable batteries allow you to save money instead of buying dry cells.

7. J5 Hyper V Tactical Light

J5 Hyper V Tactical Light

J5 Hyper V Tactical Light

It is a quality flashlight which comes at a considerable price. You have multiple settings for you to choose the one which will suit your specific requirements. LED bulb is brilliant allowing you to access enough light. Heavy duty extender ensures you achieve the highest level of durability. You don’t have to worry about anything which may come your way even if you are working in a security job or out hunting. The robust construction ensures you achieve enough light to escape.

It is amazingly bright. You can illuminate objects up to 800 feet away. 400 lumen ensure it consumes power economically for you to avoid cases where it will run out of charge when you need light the most. You can focus to different levels to always achieve the best illumination.

Features and Specifications of J5 Hyper V Tactical Light

3 settings

With J5 Hyper V Tactical Light, you have three settings for you to choose the best for your specific purposes. You can choose between strobe, low and high.

Runs on AAA batteries

After you fit the batteries, J5 Hyper V Tactical Light will run from hours till you are out of your survivalist situation.

Tough body construction

The body is made out of aluminum allows which it makes incredibly strong and durable. Just take good care of the torch, and it will serve you for years to come.

Applicable in different areas

You can use your flashlight in hunting adventures, fishing flashlight, camping and any other outdoor activities where you will like to illuminate objects.

8. Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight

Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight

Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight

If you are looking for a strong flashlight to assure you great performance, then you should think about Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight. It is made to last long due to its high level of endurance and durability. Even the darkest places, the flashlight can do very well. Those looking for the most trusted flashlight will agree it is the best flashlight for them to buy. Helotex brand ensures the flashlight they produce passes the highest tests to assure users the best possible results. Convenient size ensures you can carry the flashlight to different areas.

The light output is the stand out feature of the torch. Beam is balanced ensuring no distracting defects when lighting different places with the help of the flashlight. Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight is highly reliable when you need light due to its flexibility.

Features and Specifications of Helotex G2 Flashlight

Runs on either CR123 or Batteries

It is upon you to choose the type of batteries. If you fail to access compatible batteries, you can as well look for rechargeable for you to continue enjoying your outdoor adventures till late night.

Produces 130 lumens of light

The CREE XR-E LED bulb allows the flashlight to produce up to 130 lumens. You can utilize the three settings for you to achieve the perfect lighting. Some of the settings you can choose includes low, strobe and high.

9. Olight M20-X tactical flashlight

Olight M20-X tactical flashlight

Olight M20-X tactical flashlight

If you are looking for a superior quality flashlight, then you should check out Olight M20-X. It is among the most sturdy and resilient flashlights you can buy and enjoy great success in your outdoor adventures. LED bulb is very strong.

The remarkable feature in the flashlight is the hard anodized aluminum construction. It assures you great durability and resistance to obstructions. Olight serves in areas with extreme situations in mind. It is a torch meant for intense operations. If you are looking for a flashlight which will suit different tough activities, then it is the right choice for you to make.

Features and Specifications of M20-X tactical flashlight

LED bright CREE XM-L bulb

The bulb is very bright. It serves very well in areas where you need bright light for you to get out of trouble.

Three setting

You can opt for low, strobe and high settings. Allows you to choose the best light level which can serve you well in different applications.

Battery polarity protection

The battery protection avoids cases where you can fit the battery in reverse which can lead to spoilage of the battery.

Water resistant

If it can fall into the water accidentally, it will still stand a chance of coming out when it is still working.

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10. Nitecore EC4S Tactical Light

Nitecore EC4S Tactical Light

Nitecore EC4S Tactical Light

It is the best flashlight in the market. Nitecore EC4S flashlight has bright LED lamp and the construction is very durable. It is fitted with different features you will need when in the jungle or a survival situation.

Key element of Nitecore EC4S is the die-cast unibody construction. The superior structural integrity makes the flashlight achieve 200% strength when comparing to an ordinary flashlight. Lightweight and durable construction makes it a rare flashlight you can access in the market.

Features and Specifications of Nitecore EC4S

Superior lighting performance

Nitecore EC4S employs CREE XHP50 LED bulb & digital optics technology archives maximum output of 2150 lumens making it the brightest torch in the market. The light brightness produces is 200% comparing to CREE XM-L2 LED, 19,600CD beam intensity.

Shoots 280 meters of length

Even if you are trying to focus on distant objects, you can quickly achieve after you rely on the flashlight. The batteries can offer a run time of up to 325 hours.

5 brightness levels

You are not restricted to the light levels which you can achieve when using the torch. You can achieve up to five levels ranging from Turbo, High, Ultralow, Mid, Low and other three special modes which include Strobe, Location beacon, and SOS.

Tactical Flashlight Buyer’s Guide

Those involved in hunting, military officers, police officers, firemen, and survivalists know the crucial role a flashlight play. A quality and reliable torch is very necessary for you to tackle different situations where natural light is limited. A simple flashlight is not enough to handle tough situations; you need a quality flashlight which is made to operate in extreme conditions.

If you are found in risky situations such as a burning house where smoke has darkened the room, you need a military grade flashlight for you to trace your way out. In dark woods where you have misplaced your keys, a military grade torch will help you locate your keys.

Tactical flashlight definition

The term tactical refers to tactics which military professionals employ in different situations. It is the art and science of organizing a military force to defeat an enemy.

Tactical Flashlight parts


Refers to the head section of the torch. The part is important because it holds the bulb in position for you to light different environments.


It is the cover of the torch which heightens the brightness. Some of the colors chosen for military grade flashlight lens include green, red and clear. The red lens works well in preserving night vision. Blue is necessary for areas where you are tracking blood trails. Green helps to enhance the image in light conditions.

LED (the Bulb)

The LED bulbs are used in all models of tactical flashlights. It is due to their durability. They can work for more than 50,000 hours. LED lamp works well in all types of light conditions. The flashlight can be recharged hence no need of carrying several batteries.

Reflector of a tactical flashlight

It is a parabolic shape which concentrates light produced by the LED bulb. Different tactical flashlights will allow you to adjust the reflector to achieve the best illumination.

Tail Switch

It is the button which turns the flashlight. Tail switch is located at the midsection of your flashlight.

The Lanyard

Allows you to clip the flashlight to your belt to free your hand and open the door. When in a wooded area, you can use the part of the torch to engage all hands in the situation at hand.

Pocket Clip

Allows clipping the flashlight to your pocket to concentrate on doing other things using both your hands

Battery Compartment

It is the midway section where cells are put to help power the bulbs. Rechargeable Tactical flashlights do not have a dry cells compartment.

LED Housing or head of the flashlight

It is the compartment where the LED torch bulb is stored. The housing is a crucial part because it guarantees protection to the bulb.

ANSI FL1 Standards

American National Standards Institute came up with 10 standards under which flashlights can be categorized. You can apply the standards for you to choose the best flashlight for your particular operation. They include the following standards:

Light Output

Light output is energy measurement. It is measured in lumens. If you like to have a bright torch, then you should consider one with high lumens.

Run Time

Run time is the closest quarter hour output before the flashlight can drop to below 10 percent.

Beam Distance

It is the distance between the flashlights to the illuminated body.

Peak Beam Intensity of the tactical flashlight

It is a measure of the light intensity at the mid-section of the torch.

Impact resistance of tactical flashlight

Refers to durability of the device when dropped from a certain distance to the floor

Water resistance

IP rating system is used to measure the property of the tactical flashlight to avoid water damage.

IPX4 refers to waterproof from all the directions

IPX7 it refers to waterproof and resistance to water when immersed in water for 30 seconds

IPX8 it is waterproof and can resist water damage when immersed in water for up to 4 hours

Benefits of carrying a tactical flashlight

Military situations

Incidences of military situations where each of you is equipped with the rifle, you need to identify a stranger at night. It eliminates cases where an enemy can mimic an ally to attack you.


The flashlight acts as a defense tool in two different ways. First, a bright light shone on your offender’s face will disrupt him for you to run away. When attacked, you can hit the offender with a strong flashlight on the head, and it will disorient him for you to escape.


Police are involved in chasing offenders into dark areas in their line of duty. You need a tactical watch for you to see when entering dark rooms or to chase offenders at night

Firefighters tactical flashlights

Firefighters enter burning rooms full of smoke. The tactical flashlights play a great role in allowing them to locate people or even items when in the smoking rooms.

Hunter, Bush crafter, Outdoorsman

A hunter will need the tactical torches to see different animals in dark areas. The work of hunters involves traveling at night; the flashlights make their night trek safe because they know where they are going to avoid fall or attacks by wild animals.


You should take into consideration your budget needs. If you have set aside a given budget for your flashlight, then you need to compare different flashlights available. But, there are cases such as survivalist and camping where you need torch. In such a situation, you should pay more attention to the quality of flashlight rather than budget.

Activities where you will use the tactical flashlight

The flashlights can be applied in different operations. You can buy for the following reasons:


If you engage in activities such as climbing rocks or through rough caves, then you should go for light rather than buy a flashlight which you will hold in your hands. It is necessary to choose for a headlamp to avoid putting your life in danger due to losing grip while trying to hold a flashlight.

Handheld for precision

For slow activities like hiking, camping, and hunting, you need a torch which will offer you precise illumination. The flashlight can as well be adjusted to produce different types of light.

Weapon Mounted

Hunters can buy weapon mounted flashlights. The weapon mounted flashlights help in improving vision and aim. A tactical flashlight can stun an animal preventing it from running hence making the best shot and kill.

Mount and Hybrid Adapter

A hybrid flashlight comes when it attachment to the weapon firm while a mouth adapter can be attached to the rifle or any other weapon you use when hunting for you to take the best aim when hunting. You should take into consideration your hunting needs and weapons before you buy the flashlight.

Sizes of the flashlights

There are micro torches which measure less than 2 inches. They have button cells batteries. You should as well check on the size requirement before you make your purchase. Basing on the size, you have the following options:


They are less than three inches long. Mini can accommodate AAA or AA batteries. Light production can reach 252 Lumens.


They are less than four inches. You can fit the second battery, but it comes with several features such as reflector and tail switch.

Medium range tactical flashlight

They range from 4 to 6 inch long. Fit two batteries are hence prolonging the run time.


Any flashlight over six inches is referred to as large or jumbo. It has a larger bezel hence large diameter illumination.


There are different types of batteries used in flashlights. You can go for AAA, AA, C or even D batteries. You should look for a flashlight which has batteries which you can access in the nearest shop. Other batteries include disposable lithium batteries, rechargeable and integrated rechargeable.

Flashlight Material

The material affects the torch durability. You can choose from composite or plastic flashlights which are less durable. Anodized aluminum is used for high quality flashlights. Stainless steel is of high durability, but it is heavy.

Type of Light

When it comes to the type of light, you can check on color; light pattern spread brightness, lumen, battery life and beam distance.