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Best Scratch Free Snow Brush Reviews

You need the best scratch free snow brush so that you can drive your car during heavy snowfall. The tool you use to remove snow from your car windshield should not leave scratch marks on your vehicle screen. You will quickly know whether the tool you are about to buy is the best after you go through best snow brush for new car buying guide. There are several brands of the snow brushes available, and you should always take your time and compare different brands available so that you can decide on one which will assure you quality application procedure.

Top Best scratch free snow brush reviews

1. True Temper 36-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush review

Scratch-Free Snow Brush

Scratch-Free Snow Brush

It is a snow brush that won’t scratch the car. The scratch free 36-inch brush has great construction so that you can always have the snow removed from your vehicle so that you can enjoy peace of mind. The innovative EVA foam brush makes it the best addition you can add to your car care tools. It does not leave any scratch on your vehicle windows.

Benefits of buying True Temper 36-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush

Removes snow in small areas

Sometimes snow can hide in small hard to reach areas; you can easily remove such snow after you apply the right tool. The brush has a great design which makes it very efficient in removing snow from hard to reach areas.

Ergonomic aluminum handle of true temper telescoping snow brush

The aluminum handle is highly ergonomic for you always to feel comfortable when handling it. The grip is just perfect even in the chilling morning cold during winter.

Ice scraper on opposing end of brush

At the back of the brush, you have an ice scraper which you can use to scrap hard snow from the car surfaces. It even saves you time before you drive off. You will make the right decision upon buying true temper snow brush.

2. SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool with 27″ to 46″ Compact Telescoping Handle- Remove snow from vehicles, awnings, pool/hot tub covers and more without Scratching review

Best Snow Removal Tool

Best Snow Removal Tool

There is no scratch marks or scuff left on your car upon application of the snow brush. It removes all snow from your vehicle surface and leaves if very clean. The system is made out of high-impact materials for you to enjoy long durability.

Why you should buy the SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool

High-grade durable foam and cross-linked polyethylene construction

The material is very durable. You can spend several years with the brush without fear of the system developing complications.

Good for clearing snow from hot tub covers

If you have snow on hot tub covers which is disturbing you, you can quickly remove the snow through the use of the system. It is very effective for you to remove all snow even from hard to reach areas.

Telescoping handle snow brush

The handle can extend from 27 inches to more than 46 inches for you to reach for snow on different surfaces of your vehicle.

3. Snow Moover Extendable 50″ Car Brush and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip | Auto Snow Removal | Car Truck SUV Windshield | Heavy Duty review

Best Snow Moover Extendable

Best Snow Moover Extendable

You can easily remove snow from your SUV, car, and trucks among other types of vehicles after you buy the snow brush. Snow Moover Extendable brush can extend to more than 50 inches so that you can remove snow from your track. There are several features which make the system the perfect system for you to buy:

Quickly brush away snow

With thick bristle brushes, you can remove snow from your car windshield. It can as well remove snow from your car windows so that you will always enjoy peace of mind.

Quickly break & scrape away ice

The brush has strong non-scratch jaws which can break hard ice from your car. You can break the ice surface within minutes for you to remove the hard to reach snow cover. After you break the snow, the flat head gets under the snow and scrape off to remove ice. It is a safe tool for cars and SUVS.

Reaches tough spots

It can extend up to 50 inches hence it is easy to reach tight spots on your car. You can easily reach the middle f your car roof or windshield with a single brush on the car. It saves you time when removing snow from the car.

Comfortable grip

The ridges foam makes the grip very comfortable for you to always enjoy peace of mind. You always enjoy great comfort when working on your car due to the firm and comfortable grip.

4. Premium Ice Scraper Set (2 Pack) Heavy-duty Frost and Snow Removal for Car Windshield and Window review

Best Premium Ice Scraper Set

Best Premium Ice Scraper Set

The Premium Ice Scraper set is very effective in removing tough ice and snow from your vehicle. There are no scratch left whatsoever when working on your car. You always remove the snow within a short time so that you can drive to your workplace. The handle has great construction to offer both men and women firm and comfortable grip.

Benefits of buying the snow brush

No scratches on your car

The system has a soft construction which does not leave any scratch on your car. You always enjoy a comfortable grip and easy task of removing the snow.

Extra thick & comfortable

It is thick and comfortable for you to always achieve peace of mind when trying to clean your car and remove snow debris.

Longer than regular 1-handed ice scrapers

The scraper is long and very portable. It easily fits in your glove compartment.

Incredibly sturdy



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5. Superio Extendable Snow Brush with Ice Scraper and Squeegee review

Best Extendable Snow Brush

Best Extendable Snow Brush

The Superio Extendable snow Brush has several features which make it a great addition to your home. Some of the great features you will enjoy upon buying the snow brush include the following:

Brush will not scratch your vehicle surface

Dual rubber squeegee for easy application

Made of Aluminum hence rust-free

Extends from 36 to 56 Inches with comfortable foam grip

Foldable swiveling head allows easy storage

The snow scraper is of high quality with remarkable durability