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Best GPS Car Tracking System review

Many people believe a GPS car tracking system is made for individuals who own large fleets of cars. But, that is not the case anymore. Even if you have a single car, you can fit the system. It makes you achieve peace of mind. There is no need of buying an expensive car and leave it vulnerable to theft and misuse. Even insurance companies agree the systems help enhance the security of your vehicle. You will know the location of your car and any mishandling if you install the systems. There are several systems available, but you need to go for one which will assure you the best tracking ever. Nowadays the GPS car tracking systems are advanced, smaller and even affordable. The installation process is very easy.

Benefits of buying GPS Car Tracking systems

Tons of great features

There are simple things you need to keep track so that you will always maintain your car at its optimum. The monitoring systems have many features which make them suitable for your personal car. Even if you have two or even four cars, the systems work very well, and they are very economical for you to install. Some of the features you will enjoy on a personal GPS vehicle tracking system include the following:

Features of GPS Car Tracking system

1.Uses your mobile phone to track car location instantly

  1. Get text notification when your car is moving without your knowledge
  2. Alerts you when your teenage over speeds the car
  3. Text alerts when the car gets into a crash
  4. Live tracking and past reports of where your car’s been
  5. Car alarm notification

Low Power Alerts

If the tracker unlocks from the battery, you will receive an alert and fix it before you go away from your car. The system ensures you have footage if your car will be towed or stolen.

The GPS Car Tracking system can pay for itself

If you install the GPS car tracking system on your car, it will pay for itself. Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for car owners who have GPS tracking systems in place. The GPS reduces cases of car theft and mishandling hence the insurance providers factor them to offer you great discounts. You will even recover the amount you will spend on buying the devices due to the discount from your insurance premiums.

Benefits of GPS Car Tracking systems for small transport businesses and companies

It’s become a cheap item

You don’t have to spend a lot of your money before you can install the device. It costs much less. There are several companies which offer the installation services, but you can opt for those who specialize in serving small companies, and you will achieve great success in your installation process. The value for money is guaranteed after you install the GPS tracker for your car.

They are simple to use

The operation of the tracking system is very easy. You can decide to use online tracking website or set up an SMS alert system. Each detail about your car will be displayed on the site, or a message will be received on your mobile phone for you to know the exact location of your vehicle. You will not have to hire someone who will keep monitoring the system; it works very convenient for you to access all the data when you need it. It will take few minutes and the system will be ready for you to use. The SMS tracking system makes it very easy for users with few cars. You can install it on your personal car and gain full control over its operation.

GPS Car Tracking systems ensure peace of Mind

You can spend more than $40,000 to buy a car. There is no need of worry about what may happen with your car next. Cases of car theft are on the increase nowadays. Even if you have an insurance cover, the time you will take looking for the car or even the inconvenience will hurt you. It is always necessary for you to take good care of your car. The GPS tracking system is very helpful in assuring you safety for your car. Nobody will mishandle your car upon installation of the GPS system. You will know when your teenagers have taken the car out without your permission among other details.

Great Control of GPS Car Tracking system

For those who own small businesses or transportation companies, the GPS tracking systems play a great role in making the business better. You will be able to find the particular location of your car, detect speed, halt detection, mileage monitoring and geo-fencing. The tracking makes your employees use the car for the particular business.

More Accurate planning through use of GPS Car Tracking system

For any fleet manager to make the right decision, he should analyze data. The GPS system provides all data about your cars which you can download and analyze at any given period for you to make the best decision and save money in your business operation.

Maintenance is easy through use of GPS Car Tracking system

You should maintain your cars well if you like to succeed in your transport business. The GPS trackers provide all the necessary data a manager can use to locate a car which is underperforming. It saves both time and resources which you waste trying to identify the underperforming car.

Cost Effective GPS Car tracking system

GPS car tracking is cost effective in many ways. First, it helps managers know drivers who are underperforming. You will as well monitor the performance of different cars and make quick decisions which will save your business. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the data from the trackers. You can buy GPS car tracking with few features which your small company will need, and they will be cost effective.

Our Top Best Recommendation of Car Tracking Devices

1.Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker review

Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Perfect for tracking vehicles

Tracks teens, elderly persons, spouses and assets

Compact size

Attaches to vehicle or belt

Track and map (with Google Maps)

Text or email when a person leaves an area (geo fencing)

2. Vyncs No Monthly Fee Connected Car OBD Link, 3G Car GPS Tracker, Trips, Engine Diagnostics, Driver Coaching for Teens, Optional Roadside Assistance review

GPS Car tracking system

GPS Car tracking system

No monthly fee or activation fee

3G OBD-II Car GPS Tracker Device

Vehicle OBD diagnostics

Maintenance and recall

3G wireless connection

3. CARLOCK – Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car In Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior. OBD Plug&Play review

Car Tracker & Alert System

Car Tracker & Alert System

Work & sleep without worry

CarLock monitors

Alerts on your phone vehicle movement, engine start and unusual vibration

Monitor your teenager

Virtual mechanic

Extremely affordable

CarLock uses cloud computing, GPS tracking, internet storage and a modern day app

4. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device with 3G GPS Service Locator, Real-Time Teen Driving Coach, GPS Tracking & Vehicle Monitoring System, MPVAS1 GPS car tracking system review

 GPS Tracker Device

GPS Tracker Device

Monitor location, speed, direction and traffic using Google Maps with 100% accuracy

Comprehensive teen driving education course

Gain peace of mind with nationwide 3G car tracking

Track from anywhere using free GPS

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5. MasTrack MT-OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker with Engine Diagnostics GPS car tracking system review

GPS Car Tracking system

GPS Car Tracking system

Real-time GPS updates up to every 1 minute

Nationwide coverage (USA & Canada)

Simply plugs into OBD-II port available on every vehicle

Email and text message alerts

Access from any internet enabled device

No software requirement for the GPS car tracking system