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Best Gas Hedge Trimmers Review

You can buy gas powered hedge trimmer or go for electric powered. There are advantages of the purchase of a gas powered. For instance, you can use them to trim hedge in places where connecting to the power supply in your electricity sockets is hard. They offer long operation time provided you buy enough fuel and go out with it. The engine size fitted in the gas trimmer varies. If you have a big project, you can buy a large gas powered trimmer with enough fuel tanks.

10 best gas hedge trimmers

1.Poulan Pro PP2822 22-Inch  gas powered hedge trimmer

best gas hedge trimmers

best gas hedge trimmers

This is among the best hedge trimmers you can buy. It is gas powered and delivers. The engine size is 28cc making it very light and sturdy. If you have hedge which you will like to keep neat, the gas trimmer will offer you excellent services. The cutting length is 22 inches hence making your trimming process faster. It has dual sided blades for you to cut from the two sides. Poulan has a secure grip for you to control it easily. You can change positions quickly so that you can trim your hedge to the perfect condition.

  1. 2. Husqvarna 122HD60 as the best gas hedge trimmers
Husqvarna 122HD60 best gas hedge trimmer

Husqvarna 122HD60 best gas hedge trimmer

The company is among top producers of power equipment. The gas hedge trimmer performs very well. It has a 21.7cc engine which assures you economical fuel consumption. It is among great dual action hedge trimmers you can buy to make your home stay neat. The trimmer is powerful enough to handle tough branches. The machine starts quickly due to the great smart engine starter technology.

A carburetor has air purge system to quickly remove air from the fuel hence making it easy to start. The design is just great. The rear design handle makes it easy for you to achieve a firm grip on the handle hence prevent accidents when cutting tough branches. It has an anti-vibration which dampens the vibrations hence making you make a smooth cutting of branches.

3. ECHO 21.2cc Hedge Trimmer

top gas powered hedge trimmer

top gas powered hedge trimmer

Each trimmer you will like to buy should assure you great safety. The ECHO trimmer offers you great safety. It has a throttle lock for you to avoid accidental starting. The blade is 20 inches wide hence making cutting very easy. You need sharp blades for you to cut thick and stubborn branches, the machine comes with blades which are very sharp.

The engine capacity is 21.2 making it a powerful trimmer for small bushes. It is a 2 stroke engine with a large front handle which assures you comfortable handling. Your time outside trying to trim hedges will be great after you invest in the trimmer.

4. Tanaka TCH22EBP2 gas powered hedge trimmer

TCH22EBP2 gas powered hedge trimmer

TCH22EBP2gas powered hedge trimmer

Tanaka comes with 21.1cc commercial grade engine. It is very powerful to make you perform very well in your hedge trimming. When it comes to durability and reliability, it performs. The exhaust is forwards facing hence prevents burning fences when in operation. For maximum comfort, you have a total of five rear positions of handling the trimmer. Maneuverability is very easy even for beginners.

It has 24-inch reciprocal blades to offer you smooth cut. You will not be stressed when trying to start the system; it has purge bulb for quick starting. There are some models which disturb when trying to start hem, but the system is very reliable. You will always enjoy peace of mind after you order the system.

5. Husqvarna 122HD45 hedge trimmer

122HD45 hedge trimmer

122HD45 hedge trimmer

It is among the best gas hedge trimmers with dual blades which is very reliable. Among the features which make it stand out include low noise level and quick start. The engine has a great design which makes it easy for you to start it within a matter of seconds and start your trimming exercise. It has auto return switch which returns for you to avoid accidental firing.

Although the system is easy to start, it has been fitted with enough safety features for you to avoid accidents when out trying to trim branches. The air purge ensures all air from the system carburetor and the engine is removed so that the system can start within a short period when ready to shape those ugly looking bush in your backyard. It is suitable for both small as well as large operations.

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6. Husqvarna 966532302 affordable gas hedge trimmer

 gas hedge trimmer

gas hedge trimmer

It is a double sided hedge trimmer which any home owner should consider buying. The trimmer has a 21.7cc engine which offers just enough power to cut tough branches. Noise is very low so that you will avoid being a nuisance to your neighbors. You will not feel tired when holding the system; it is light Wight for you to carry it for several hours till you finish your hedge trimming exercise.

The anti-vibration system is very efficient. It dampens all vibration for you always to enjoy your time while out trimming hedges. Incidences, where you will fear of excess air in the carburetor, are no more after you buy the system. It removes all the air through the purge technology making it easy to start.

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7. Ryobi ZRRY39500 trimmer

cordless hedge trimmer

cordless hedge trimmer

When looking for a powerful gas powered hedge trimmer, then you should check on Ryobi. It has all features you need to achieve easy hedge trimming. The trimmer has 22 inch hardened steel blades which cut with high precision. To reduce vibration, it has dual action blades. You will never regret after you buy the hedge trimmer.

You should as well check on how fast the trimmer can start. The trimmer has been made to start within no time. It’s light weight making it easy for you to carry it for prolonged hours hence save days you will have wasted trying to make your hedge stand out.

8. Toro 2-Cycle 25.4cc Attachment Capable Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer with Hedge Trimmer Attachment

25.4cc Attachment gas trimmer

25.4cc Attachment gas trimmer

After buying Toro, you will have accomplished two functions. It can act as a hedge trimmer as well as a string trimmer. The hedge trimmer attachment can be expanded for you to cut bushes high up the hedge. The engine has been made to start quickly. The dual reciprocating blades allow you to achieve a smooth cut.

It accepts most universal attachments hence making it easy for you to save time and money. There are many features which make the trimmer and hedge cutter high. For instance, it has padded ergonomic handle. It offers users comfortable operation for extended use.

9. Husqvarna 325HE3 1.34hp 22″ Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer

The trimmer is very flexible. It is a professional pole hedge trimmer with an adjustable cutter bar. The engine is placed strategically to act as a counterweight while you are cutting tall bushes over your head. The hedge trimmer works very well for both tall and short businesses. You will cut hedges in your backyard even without using a ladder.

10. Redmax CHT220L hedge trimmer powered by gas

Redmax is among top rated gas hedge trimmers. It comes with a 21.7cc gas powered engine and 24-inch cutting blades. They offer an extended warranty for you to achieve peace of mind. The trimmer has all features you need to make your hedge look great.