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Best Boat Tools You Need To Get Your Boat Ready For Summer

You need boat tools in your home. Your boat may be stored during winter, during summer it is time for you to get your boat ready and go fishing or just boat riding for fun. You should ensure you follow the right procedures when trying to get your boat ready for summer. You should also ensure you have followed all the safety measures while riding your boat for you to avoid accidents. Proper maintenance of your boat will always lead you to achieve the best out of the boat; it will lead your boat to serving you for long as well as making you stay safe while boating. Here are tips for you while getting your boat ready for summer and ensuring safety while boating.

Five ways to prepare your boat for summer

  1. Get a Tune-up

For you to maximize your boat performance, you should get an expert to help you in tuning up your boat before summer starts. The mechanics will run tests on your boat such as compression test, check water pump and seals, inspect the spark plug, check warning signs, change the lubricant at the lower unit, and carry out different services depending on the type of the engine fitted on the boat.

2. Water Pump and Thermostats

You should ensure you check the thermostats and ensure they are working well. This is necessary to avoid cases where your boat may overheat during summer hence leading you to engine failure. Water cools the engine of the boat, you should check the pump and ensure water is flowing through the engine well. Inspecting your boat engine cooling system is very necessary for you to achieve optimum performance of your engine.

  1. Check oil reservoirs

For you to ensure the engine has the right amount of oil, you should check the oil tank and gear oil. In case the oil has gone low, you should ensure you add it till it reaches the recommended level. Depending on the condition of the oil, you can decide to change it so that you will have oil that will make your engine work efficiently.

4. Check the Filters

Before you start making use of your boat during summer, you should ensure you check the condition of the fuel filters and replace them if necessary. You should also make a habit of replacing the fuel filters regularly for you to avoid cases where they will wear out and allow debris to enter your boat engine. Entry of debris into your boat engine can easily lead to the failure of the boat engine. You should also change the water separators for you to prolong the life of your boat engine.

5. Change manifolds and risers

The manifolds and risers tend to become too hot during their operation. Because you had kept your boat in store during winter, and now you will like to get the boat ready for summer boating, you should ensure you inspect the manifolds and risers carefully for you to ensure they are not worn out. It is risky for you to ride about that has worn out risers, the risers may leak water into the engine which is hazardous.

Five ways to prevent boating accidents

It is always necessary for you to try and prevent boat accidents. There are many things which you should do for you to prevent the accidents. For instance, you should ensure you have followed all the safety measures required while riding your boat. You should make sure you ride the boat at a speed which you will easily control among other regulations. Here are ways you can use to prevent boat accidents:

  1. Don’t drink and boat

It is against the law for you to the boat while drunk. When you are drunk, you will lower your judgments. This will quickly lead you to being injured while riding the boat. In case you have taken alcohol, then you should look for someone else to ride the ship so that you will be safe while in water.

2. Don’t turn down your emergency radio

A boat radio will offer you a warning of urgency for you to take necessary actions before it is too late. You should always ensure you have the emergency radio on when in water. The radio will offer you a crash warning in advance for you to act accordingly. You should also ensure you take necessary actions after you receive the signals.

3. Make sure your boat is properly maintained

It is your duty to ensure your boat is well maintained. You should check the boat and make sure it is in good working condition before you start your journey. It will be very unfortunate for you in case you will discover the malfunctioning of the boat when you are in the middle of the water. You will increase your chances of being injured. Even if you had inspected the boat a day before, you should make it a habit of carrying out a thorough inspection of the boat before you carry passengers.

4. Have life jackets on board

You will never know when a tragedy will strike; you should ensure you have enough life jackets on your boat so that any time the boat will capsize, you will have life jackets which you can offer those who do not know how to swim to wear. The law requires you to have the life jackets on board, especially when carrying children in your boat.

5. Don’t overload your boat

Your boat will at the risk of capsizing or swapping in case you decide to carry excess passengers. You should always ensure you carry the recommended number of passengers. In case you have a lot of people whom you must carry, it is better for you to carry them in shifts rather than risking your life and the lives of those who you will carry. You will be sued in case you carry more than recommended passengers, and the boat ends up capsizing. In case you are carrying luggage, always ensure you have loaded the recommended weight. Different boats will have different carrying capacity hence you should know about your boat maximum capacity.

Tools you need to get your boat ready for summer

1.Star Brite Boat Scuff Eraser – Poly Bag (2/pk) review

Best Boat Scuff Eraser -boat tools

Best Boat Scuff Eraser -boat tools

Benefits of buying the eraser

Removes shoe scuff marks on decks

Gentle on surfaces but tough on dirt and stains

Ideal for use around the house

Clean tubs, wall, baseboards and showers

2. Meguiar’s M4965 Marine/RV Fiberglass Restoration System review

Why you need to buy the system as one of your boat tools

Fiberglass Restoration System

Fiberglass Restoration System

Three-step system to quickly remove moderate defects and boost gloss,

Adds long-lasting protection coat to fiberglass surfaces

Gloss and shine

High Goss Polish M4916 with rich polishing oils

Creates a brilliant high gloss and shine

Pure Wax maintains an extraordinary gloss adding durable, long-lasting protection

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3. Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit review

Features and Stanley boat tool set you to need to know

Best Homeowner's Tool Kit

Best Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Ratchet handles ergonomically designed

Easy-to-use boat tools

Sockets and extensions remain locked onto the drive until disengaged

Easy-to-reach and low-profile quick-release button

Max-Drive design sockets

Unique radius corner design

Provides 15% more torque

Meets or exceed ANSI specs

Blow molded case allows easy tool storage

5. Apollo Precision Tools DT9411 Tool Kit, 79-Piece review

Items you will access in the boat tool set

Best Apollo Precision boat Tools review

Best Apollo Precision Tools review

79 rugged boat tools

Exceed critical ANSI standards

Come in their box

Constructed of 45C carbon steel

Heat-treated and chrome-plated

Double-dipped plastics

Sturdy blow molded case

6. GreatNeck MS125 Mariner’s Tool Set, 125-Piece review

What you access after you purchase the boat tools

 Mariner's boat Tool Set

Mariner’s boat Tool Set

Chrome-plated for rust resistance

High visibility

water resistant case

3/8-Inch Drive Sockets

1 /4-Inch Drive Sockets

3/8-Inch Drive Reversible Ratchet

Slip Resistant Grip

1/4-Inch Drive Spinner Handle

Tape Measure

 Gap Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Crimping Tool

Handy Hacksaw

Slip Joint Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

SAE and Metric Hex Key Wrenches

Combination Wrenches

Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers

22 Bits with Holders

Cable Ties

Wire Brush