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Best Biometric Rifle Safe and Gun Safe Review

You should install the best rifle safe/ gun safe in your home for your firearm handling to be secure. Barska Rifle Safe is among the best you can access in the market. It has many features which will make your firearm handling comfortable. There are different features you should check on a gun safe before you proceed and make an order. For instance, you should check on the space available and the durability of the system. It is very secure for you always to enjoy peace of mind after you keep your rifle. There are many reasons why you should keep your gun securely. First, it reduces cases where you will encounter accidents. Remember one of your family members such as kids can misuse it. Underage children should not be use the firearms without permission.

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Features of Barska Rifle Safe

Biometric Fingerprint Technology

 Barska Biometric Rifle Safe/gun safe

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe/gun safe

It employs biometrics. There is no need of keys or combination which can make the access to the firearms less accessible. For the rifles safe to help you during an emergency, you should be able to access it within a short period. People with bad intention who are about to harm your family members will have made away if you will take a lot of time looking for keys or entering the combinations before you can retrieve the firearms for you to defend yourself. The application of biometric scan when opening assures you great protection.

Compares fingerprints in a database before opening

Not all people will access your firearms. The Barska Rifle Safe has a database of fingerprint recognition for those who are can access the guns. It can store more than 120 fingerprints. If you like to allow your family members access the guns, you just register their fingerprints. Even if a stranger will enter your home and try to break, he will find a hard time due to the secure scanning and storage of fingerprints. Each scan is compared to the combination before you can be allowed access to the firearms.

Secure Biometric Modules database rifle safe

The system has a biometric database which is very secure. Under no circumstances can someone corrupt the system to get reach of your firearms. You always stay with peace of mind knowing your guns are secure after you buy the rifle safe. There are several types of gun storage units available, but the gun safe is very useful in helping you secure your gun and ammunition as well as allowing you to access them within a short period. Remember you should have a secure place which allows quick access to the firearms so that you can defend yourself during an emergency; the unit has excellent construction to assure you quality operation.

Three-point dead bolt gun safe

Apart from the fingerprint recognition technology, the device is secured by the addition of three points dead bolt. It assures you the best security you need always to secure your guns and other ammunitions when in your home. The three point dead bolt is very secure for you always to enjoy peace of mind when handling your rifle and other guns.

Adjustable 4 position rifle rack and a removable shelf

You should organize your firearms so that you can reach them quickly. Poor arrangement of firearms will slow down your access time which can make you less efficient in protecting yourself in the case of an attack. The rifle storage unit has 4 position rifle racks which make it easy for you to organize your rifles well. The removable shelf makes it easy for you to accommodate firearms of different sizes in your storage. If you like to update and have a gun which is more powerful, you can just adjust the racks or remove the shelf for you to have the best space where you can accommodate your guns.

Stores access data for your family members

It does not matter the size of your family or the number of people you will like to allow access to the rifles; the system has more than one hundred fingerprint combinations for you always to achieve peace of mind in your gun storage. The fingerprint storage system is very secure for you always to achieve peace of mind in your gun storage. From reviews of other people, the system scores highly. You will be making the right decision after you decide to settle for Barska Rifle Safe.

Programmable Silent Access Mode

There is no need of making a lot of noise when trying to access your guns. You may make your enemy know where you are and shoot you before you have the gun to protect yourself. The unit comes with a Silent access mode where you can easily access your firearm and protect your family members. It is upon you to select the mode so that you can access the rifle when nobody is hearing. It is made to meet the highest standards possible so that you can always secure your firearms. There is no need of leaving your guns to be accessible to anybody. They may be stolen hence making you unable to access them when you need them most. You will guarantee your family members and those close to you security after you install the firearm storage unit.

CA DOJ Approved

The California Bureau of Firearms recommends the system for use in storing firearms. It has firearms experts design to ensure it meets the highest standards possible. There is no need of being worried on where you can access the best safe for you to store your rifle, you can easily access the firearm security unit online and meet all state regulations governing the use of firearms.

Operates on 4-AA Batteries

Even if there is no electrical power in your home, you can still access the biometric systems and unlock the unit for you to access the gun so that you can defend yourself if someone takes advantage of the darkness to attack you. It comes with 4-AA batteries which are powerful enough to run its operation. The system is made in such a way it responds very fast to your commands; you will always enjoy accessing all the necessary firearms without any fear of power outbreak. There is also an external battery pack for you to always enjoy continuous use of the battery without fear of electrical energy outbreaks.

The perfect size

The system is not too large or too small. It is just the right size for you to store rifle and other ammunitions in your home securely. It fits a standard size rifle and other few guns you need to secure your family members.

Mounting Hardware

The system comes with mounting hardware so that you can install it in your home with peace of mind. Other features which the system comes with include 2 backup keys so that you can access the system even after the biometric system has failed. The external battery pack ensures you can power it and access your gun for defense purposes. If you like to buy a rifle for you to be more active in your hunting adventure, you will find the rifle safe very helpful. It is very useful in helping you store your gun for defense and hunting purposes.

Pros of Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Durable gun safe

When it comes to durability, the gun storage unit scores highly; it is made out of durable materials which ensure it will serve you for long before you can think of a replacement. Even the biometric system which seems delicate, it is very durable for you to enjoy using the gun safe for long. There is even a two-year warranty for you to have the system repaired free of charge if it arrives in your home when it is defective. You always enjoy value for your money after you buy the system.

Easy organization of guns

The presence of an accessory shells and racks makes the organization of arms in the system very easy. If you are looking for a way you can make your firearms stay organized in the system, then you need to order the system. It has a great interior design for you always to have a well-organized space for your guns and ammunitions.


When comparing the cost of Barska Biometric gun storage unit with other products available in the market, you will discover the rifle scope is among top gun storage units you can access. It is reasonably priced considering it has several features you need in a gun storage unit. It is upon you to care different gun safes available so that you can decide on one which your budget can support.

Quick access to firearms

The system has a great design for you to access your firearms and start defending yourself easily. It is hard for those who don’t have access keys or fingerprints to access. If you like to have a system which will secure your gun and allow you access it within a short period when you need to defend yourself, then you need to check the system. The professionals who made the gun took different measures to ensure the gun safe is easy for you to access the ammunition when you need them as well as securing your guns.

Easy installation

There is no need of worry on how you can install the safe in your home; it comes with clear instructions and installation hardware for you to install it in a discrete place within a short period. Remember you should store your guns in a place which is only known to you and other few people in your family. It is necessary to avoid cases where people will attack you and shield you from accessing the guns. The easy installation mechanism makes it easy for you to install it securely in your home without having to invite an outsider who can leak the information about the place where you have stored the guns.

Secure for homes with children

If you stay in a home with kids, then you should look for ways of securing firearms so that they will not play with them which can lead to accidents. The unit has a beeping mode where you can set it to produce a beeping sound whenever someone is opening it. You will know from your living room when someone is trying to access the guns after you set up the warming sound. It makes you achieve peace of mind when staying in your home with people whom you suspect can misuse the guns.

Highly reliable

There are several measures the manufacturers of the gun safe have taken to ensure they deliver a secure system. First, it does not depend on electricity for you to access the weapons. Two sets of battery power it. If the internal battery system fails, you can use a backup external battery pack for you to open the unit and remove the guns. Provided you have stored your fingerprint biometric data; the system allows you to access the weapons within a short period. It won’t let you down even if you have been faced with an emergency where you will like to access the guns within a matter of seconds and defend yourself. You can store different types of firearms. For instance, you can start with a rifle then you utilize the shelf for you to store your pistol so that you can always defend yourself during emergency.

Cons of Barska Rifle Safe

Holds less than 4 guns

The gun safe has several features which make it a perfect choice, but there are some aspects which may make you look for another option. For instance, the gun storage unit can only hold a maximum of four guns and few pistols. If you like to store more guns in your home, then you may have to look for a system which can accommodate more guns.

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