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23 Effective Hair Care Tips for a Stunning Look

Having beautiful hair will always make you stay attractive. When trying to improve your appearance, hair will play a great role. There are different types of hair, which will require various types of care. You should know your hair style and the best way to care for it. This is necessary because failure to take good care according to its type, you can end up having hair that is not attractive. The chemicals that you apply on your hair should be the right one. Here are hair care tips for you to stay beautiful:


1. Avoid too much blow drying

Using blow dryers or hot treatments on your hair will quickly lead to stressing the hair. This will lead you to fail to achieve the great beauty that you deserve.

2. Rinse hair with cold water after shampooing

This is necessary to restore the good look of the hair after the treatments. Cold water will lead the hair to become more luscious and shiny after the application of the shampoos.

3. Towel dry your hair gently

Towel drying your hair vigorously can easily lead to splitting the hair. A microfiber cloth is the best because it will quickly soak up more moisture from your hair.

4. Try meditation and exercises in hair care

This is necessary to avoid stress which can impact negatively on the type of hair that you will develop. You can consult experts who will train you on how to meditate. There are also trainers who will advise you on the right exercises which will help you in getting rid of stress.

5. Before going to take a shower apply oil

This will make your hair shiny and rebel any water that may spill into it accidentally. Remember water dropping on your hair during showers can lower the quality of hair.

6. Apply detangler spray before combing

This is the best way for you to avoid ripping off hair as you brush. Remember sometimes the hair may develop knots which will lead you to raid the entire tie while combing.

7. Use a protective spray before applying heat

There are cases where it will be extremely necessary for you to blow dry your hair or apply other types of heat treatments, to avoid cases where the hair will be affected by the heat, you should use the sprays.

8. Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Wet hair will tend to weaken the follicles. This will in return make your hair brittle, to get rid of the moisture, you can blow dry with low heat before going to bed.

9. Use the right size of shampoo

Too much shampoo can end up spoiling your hair, to avoid destroying the hair, you should apply the shampoo depending on the size of your hair. In most cases, a quarter dollop will be enough.

10. You can use biotin supplement to straighten your hair

In case you like to straighten your hair, you can easily achieve after you decide to use biotin supplements. Apart from the supplement helping your hair, it also necessitates in strengthening your nails.

11. Apply scalp massage often as an hair care tip

Scalp massage is beneficial to your hair; it will lead to increased blood flow to the hair. This in return will lead you to speed up the rate of hair grow.

12. Make a habit of using natural products while washing your hair

You can use natural products such as apple cider, gooseberry, marigold, carrot and boiled tea leaves. This is necessary because the natural products will wash your hair and leave it without any side effects. While making use of the natural products, you will also save money because you will make them using products readily available at home. You should also try and wash the hair thoroughly to get rid of the products.

13. Limit the number of hair products you use

Not all hair products will be suitable for your hair. You should study them and stick to only those who will tend to work well with your hair type.

14. Use a shampoo rich in egg York to prevent hair fall

Egg York has been proved to be very helpful in preventing hair fall. In case you have hair fall problems, the shampoo will be very useful.

15. Avoid combing hair too often-hair care

Brushing your hair too often will lead to damaging the hair. You should do it less often and try always to brush the hair softly.

16. Avoid hot water when washing the hair

Hot water will damage the cells of the hair. In case you use the hot water regularly, it will lead you to grow hair that is not healthy.

17. Avoid tying the hair too tightly

Tying the hair too tight, it will lead the hair to fall. Ensure you always tie it loosely or use hair bands that will not exert too much pressure.

18. Apply argon oil

Argon oil has a lot of nutrients that are necessary for hair nourishment. You should buy the oil and try to use it regularly. It will prevent hair fall and other hair related complications.

19. Use olive oil and coconut oil to stimulate hair growth

Massaging coconut or olive oil for 10 minutes daily will stimulate hair growth. It will offer you quick solution if you have a problem of hair loss.

20. Apply Aloe Vera before washing hair

Aloe Vera has nutrients that will make your hair healthy. Try to use the oil before you wash your hair. It can be done one hour before you start washing the hair.

21. Avoid coloring hair regularly-hair care

The natural coloring of the hair will lead your hair to become weak. It can easily lead you to experience hair fall.

22. Apply hair mask at least twice a week

It is necessary to moisturize the hair and make it stay attractive. A DIY mask will be cheap for you to use regularly. After using the mask, you should ensure the hair is washed well and dried.

23. Avoid scratching the scalp when washing the hair

It is necessary to prevent accelerating hair fail. Instead, you should massage the scalp gently when washing the hair. After washing the hair, you can apply argon oil to make the hair shiny and attractive.

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Oil Hair Mask -Hair care

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Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask

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Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo – Hair care

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